Government Approves Compensation for Simcha Halls & Restaurants Impacted by Gaza Rocket Fire


After a battle of close to two years by owners of simcha halls and restaurants in southern Israel, the Knesset Finance Committee headed by MK Moshe Gafne is expected to authorize compensatory payment to them for lost income during periods of rocket fire. Gafne has been working with the owners of the halls and restaurants towards allocating the compensatory funds to them.

According to the Walla News report, Gafne expressed delight over the realization the long battle on behalf of the southern area business owners has come to a successful end.

Gafne is quoted telling Walla News, “Together with the Tax Authority we are going to correct an injustice. A nation compensates its citizens who are not guilty, and they suffer from both the security situation and loss of income, which severely impacts their livelihoods. Approval of full compensatory payment to them will correct his injustice.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Am Yisrael revealed its greatness by opening up their wedding halls, wallets and hearts to others. Couples shared their weddings with other couples. Owners of wedding halls opened up their halls to wedding parties in the south — and even swallowed costs. A Belz wedding in Ashdod was suddenly moved to Jerusalem.

    BH for Am Yisrael.