Dormitories in Yeshivos Ketanos May Close Due to a Lack of Funding


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The directors of yeshivos ketanos are concerned with planned budgetary cuts for public institutions under the Ministry of Social Welfare, which provides the budgets for dozens of yeshivos with dormitories for talmidim.

According to a Kikar Shabbos report, there will been a NIS 3 million cut in the budget, and this results in a fear that some of the dormitories will have to shut their doors as there is no sources for funding to continue operating them.

The Association of Yeshiva Directors met on Wednesday, and they sent a letter to MK Moshe Gafne in his capacity as chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee, asking for his immediate intervention to prevent the cut or to ensure if there is a cut, it will not impact yeshivos ketanos.

The association calls on Gafne to become involved on their behalf, to use his influence to stop, or at the very least delay the budget cut. The letter is signed by the heads of the association, Avraham Friedman and Shlomo Brilliant.

Officials from the yeshivos informed Gafne of the severity of their situation, amid the realization, with the ongoing transition governments, a state budget is yet to be passed, and as a result, they are not receiving what they are entitled to, funding from the national government for September through December 2019.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. My understanding is that many mosdos are at risk of funding cuts or delayed funding as a result of the current budgetary impasse and transitional government status. Are the Yeshivos Katanos any worse off or are they at greater risk than other mosdos or is this just a problem affecting everyone equally. Also, my understanding of the interim budgetary process is that it is a zero sum game such that a fixed sum of NIS is available until a permanent government is in place and a new budget approved and that any increased funding for one stakeholder group means cuts to other groups equally at risk.