Lapid: I Didn’t Prevent a Coalition Government


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Yesh Atid party Chairman, MK Yair Lapid, who holds the second slot on the combined Blue & White list, insists that he was not a cause preventing the formation of a national unity coalition government.

In Lapid’s view, “the single reason that a national unity coalition was not formed is because of Netanyahu. One man with three serious criminal indictments, who lost in the election, has the nation stuck. There is a nation to run but Bibi is pushing elections. On the way, he is trying to push the guilt towards me. A national unity coalition has not been formed because Bibi does not want one.”

Lapid on Tuesday announced he does not wish to see the nation having to go to needless elections, citing “in politics, one never gets 100%.”

He added, “I call on Netanyahu. There are indeed compromises in life. Blue & White won the elections, but we are ready to allow us to rotate within the framework of a unity government. I will serve for two years, during which you can stay in the Likud’s leadership and take care of your matters. I guarantee we will find the status that suits your unique situation, one that will allow you to return if you clear your name.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)