LATE FOR SEDER: Inspectors Flood Yeshivos and Kollelim Around Israel; Some Fail Inspection


On Monday morning, it was Yeshivas Beis Matisyahu in Bnei Brak and on Tuesday, Education Ministry inspectors arrived at Yeshivos and Kollels around Israel.

It is reported that in some cases, inspectors arrived at 8:55AM, obviously to monitor who and how many talmidim and avreichim are reporting on time. In Yeshivas Yesodot Hatorah HaSephardi in Tel Aviv, the inspectors were there at 9:00AM sharp, the start of morning seder, and the talmidim were on time and the yeshiva passed the inspection.

Kikar Shabbos News adds that inspectors were also on the job in Modi’in Illit, Beit Shemesh, Tiveria, Bnei Brak, Petach Tikvah, Betar Illit, Eilat and Holon. Inspectors visited Yeshivas Ateres Shlomo in Modi’in Illit, a kollel headed by HaGaon HaRav Shimon Ba’adani, who was missing ten avreichim. The kollel failed the inspection.

As one might imagine, some are crying “persecution” while others feel this is legitimate since the yeshivos and kollels receive state funding, and the talmidim and avreichim are to report for the first seder on time.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Many Bochurim and Kollel Yungelite who arrive late to shiur, late/skip davening may call this persecution, but imagine how the “Ultimate Inspector” will grade their performance. If yeshiva life isn’t for someone, better to earn an honest parnasah, balanced with davening and part-time learning.

  2. The yeshivos and kollels are constantly crying that “we need more money” yet they feel “persecuted” that they are being audited as to their numbers? Huhh?? The secular schools in EY are also regularly audited for attendance since many have been caught inflating registrations in order to obtain additional funding (much of which is allocated on a per student basis). Given the scarce resources, all schools receiving public assistance should be tightly monitored.

  3. What’s unfair is that many kollelim start at 9:15 on a Monday and continue to 1:15 for Mincha every day. The regulations only allow for 9-1 with no concern for daily schedules.
    What’s amazing is that at Yeshivas Beis Matisyahu in Bnei Brak the beis midrash was already half full fifteen minutes before seder was scheduled to start.

  4. If these are regulations that apply to all buildings, why are these buildings being singled out for a special inspection campaign? Shoddy building practices by contractors are common.

  5. They come at 6:30pm and expect 90% of everyone to be there. Come at 5pm and you’ll get it, but a lot of people have a reason they have to leave early once or twice a week.

  6. Funding or no funding, aren’t avreichim supposed to report to first seder on time? They’re only helping the yeshivas keep their talmidim on their toes.

  7. If one has a job and arrives late, You can be fired.

    Surely if people are expected to come to work on time, people should be expected to come to the Beis Medrash on time

  8. A lot of you people commenting here are either clueless, mean or jealous.
    These kollel yungeleit aren’t salaried workers who punch a clock. Are they paid for learning on the bus on the way to kollel? Are they paid overtime for staying late to figure out a Rashba?
    They are like executives who are paid to get the job done. These yungerleit spend their day learning. Of course, being that their stipends are so minuscule, their wives are happily supporting the family. If a child needs to see a doctor, of course the father will need to go.

  9. Lol. I learn in a Kollel in the morning, then i work in the afternoon. aside from that i have a mourning “hustle” and have odd jobs here and there. In short, i learn in a kollel, but i’m a “working guy”. I get no support, and the Kollel doesnt pay.
    Now that i’ve introduced myself and my “credentials” i’ll get to the point.
    As a yeshiva bachur and my first 2 years of marriage i always felt guilty about not being from the “shtark” guys. I would hear it all the time from the “baal -habaatim” and their wanna bees in the “system” about the “slacking off” which can be seen unfortunately in many of these places.
    Truth be told, i was already hearing from my wife about the different things going on in her work that also seemed like some of them were slacking off. Yet i still felt that a Yeshiva guy should be “better than that”. Then i joined the “workforce”, and i stopped feeling guilty. by now i have been a part of a nice number of enterprises, some of which gave me insight into many others, and let me tell you “workplace productivity”? Well thats the #1 concern of american employers! yea, they may show up late… but theres no “coffee room” or “water cooler” in te office? forget gyms and diners. The whole culture of work in america has taken such employee “satisfaction bent” turn. and these shcmoes lecture kollel guys? the hypocritical audacity is astounding!
    After i returned to a half day Kollel i saw the truth from the view of “both sides”. yes, at any given time you may find those who are late or in the coffee room schmoosing. some of them dont belong there and as yishivaleit we should be better than the “workforce”. But in truth many of the people who protest this are the ones saying “dont bentch warm, go work”. And to that the response is, i’d rather bentch warm in a B”M or its coffee room than be sitting with the scoffers!

  10. Circle – if they were in college and showed up late, many professors would mark that down and it would affect their final grades. Basically, when I went to college, it did not matter what time class started, you bet 90%+ of that class was there on time every day. Those who did not show up on time, often did not show up at all and quickly end up with those who fail out of college… Regardless, if they are in Kollel and getting a stipend to be in kollel and the State is subsidizing this, then the State has ever right to implement monitoring programs and hold the Kollel and the Averechem responsible for meeting the commitment. Otherwise, you want to learn on the bus or at home and show up late, fine get a real job and learn when you have free time.

  11. The truth must be said. Most of the Charedi Avreichim do not learn all day or even half a day. Maybe 5 percent of them do. Most work (without paying taxes or declaring that they work) or do nothing. The time has come to double check what these guys do all day not only at 0900 in the morning. Time for the State to act against the majority that do not learn!

  12. Circle, there are a number of points I’d like to bring up. 1. A minyan and participation in a shiur requires physical participation. By missing minyanim and shiurim numerous times during the week, it is not only geneiva but it’s not an appropriate way for a frum Jew (I’m their circumstances) to act. Doesn’t seem like they are getting the “job” done, since you want to call it a “job”. 2. Doesn’t matter if they are paid $1 or $1million, honesty and integrity remain important values. Following through with their commitment to be there is important. 3. Understandable that doctor appointments come up suddenly. But to miss up to 10 guys at once?! Something is inappropriate about that. I know men that work full time jobs, help with appointments, and still manage to daven shacharis with a minyan. Are these 10 guys davening at home or skipping it altogether?

  13. You take the government’s money, you play by the government’s rules. It’s as simple as that. If you think the rules are unfair, that’s fine – you’re free to not participate in the program under which the government provides payment. The excuses some here are providing (Israeli Chareidi, aymdoc, and Circle) are just that – excuses.

    an Israeli Yid