Policeman Accused of Targeting a Frum Couple for Issuing Them a Summons Close to Shekiya on Erev Shabbos


A policeman is accused of intentionally detaining a frum couple on erev Shabbos close to shekiya, issuing them a summons.

The chareidi couple was heading home to Givat Ada before Shabbos when pulled over by a policeman who issued them a summons, unwilling to permit them to continue and have the summons sent in the mail. This, according to the couple, led to Chilul Shabbos.

The couple, heading home for Shabbos with their three small children, made a left turn in a lane forbidding a turn and the vehicle was pulled over. The driver and his wife tried explaining that it is almost Shabbos, asking to have the summons mailed and to permit them to head home.

The driver explains “It’s 4:10PM and after the beginning of Shabbos. Don’t detain us. This is what is called hate for Jews”.

The Arab policeman explains, “You can say what you wish. I am writing the summons. You have time until the sun sets, till shekiya. Continue filming.” In the video shown by Kikar News, the policeman remains calm and respectful.

The driver continues to accuse the policeman of “hating Jews” while the policeman asks “respect the law and show respect for police. I held you all total for five minutes”.

In the Kikar Shabbos report, the couple is quoted saying they were thinking about making Shabbos on the road “but because our children were in the vehicle” this did not happened as one of the children is under 2-years-old.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Fake news. According to the Hebrew article in Kikar haShabbat the (volunteer) officer suggested mailing the ticket but the driver became arrogant and said that he wanted to stay to film it. In any case, why were they driving so close to Shabbat? Suppose there had been a traffic jam for some reason or other? The officer was right.

  2. Sounds like the arab officer is a greater baki in halacha and Torah hashkafa than these hapless parents, who sound like they should also have their parents license revoked.
    Hate for Jews?
    Only super stupid ones.

  3. How convenient you didn’t post the clip,
    There you can see the opposite.

    The man was interrupting and arguing with the officer instead of letting him right the ticket and be on his way…

  4. Typically arrogant Israeli. If it is close to Shabbos, I can break the law. If the holy father had not broken the law by making a left turn in a lane forbidding a turn, he would not have been stopped. What did the policeman do wrong? He stopped him for a short time, gave him a ticket for a traffic violation and was polite.

  5. Narishkeit.

    Making on the shabbos on the road, because of kids? what does that even mean, and why were they driving to their destination minutes before shkiya?

  6. With all due respect, the Arab policeman is not a posek and should not be expected to know the z’man for candle lighting and the nuances between actual sunset (which is the prevailing understanding for the start of the Jewish Sabbath among not just goyim but many non-frum Jews). In this case, the article says the officer acted with respect. Next time, don’t travel at the last minute or if you do so, be careful about driving in accordance with the rules. I’m equally unimpressed by frum yidden who fly close to the last minute and then scream gevalt when there are flight delays and expect the rest of the world to accommodate their needs. Of course there will be emergencies that will necessitate last-minute travel but too often, its become the norm. Also, NOT a good idea to stick a cellphone camera in the policeman’s face in these circumstances since this is likely to backfire and make him move more slowly. Acknowledge your error and get on your way as soon as possible.

  7. Let’s see, you’re driving close to shkiyah , you make an illegal left turn and when you get pulled over it’s the police officer’s fault because he hates religious Jews? Don’t you bear some responsibility?

  8. 1. They should not have been traveling so close to Shabbos.
    2. They chose to break the law by driving illegally.
    3. It’s a real chillul hashem the way they treated the police officer.