Court Releases Frum Protestors Against Jerusalem Light Rail Expansion Arrested Earlier in the Week


The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday released Charieid protestors arrested on Wednesday during a protest against expansion of the city’s light rail. The protestors feel the light rail route, passing on Yechezkel Street, will negatively impact their “quality of life” and therefore, they are opposed. The protests have become an almost daily occurrence and the participants regularly arrive with strollers with the little one accompanying them.

There were arrests during a protest earlier this week as well, as members of the Meah Shearim community expressed their opposition to the planned route.

During Thursday’s hearing, the attorney representing the defendants said, “Yesterday, the defendants were in a detention room, watched by a policewoman who was listening to offensive music and when they asked her to turn it off, she refused to and then turned the speaker towards one of them, seemingly to increase the insult as he viewed it.

The court decided to release the suspects with restrictions, including a prohibition to participate in any illegal protest. This is somewhat bizarre since everyone is forbidden to take part in an illegal protest, but the court explained in their case, their very presence will not be tolerated.

In Thursday’s protest, when police instructed the protestors to disperse, they complied. From there, they headed to the home of Jerusalem Councilman (Agudas Yisrael) Yossi Deutsch. They feel the deputy mayor is responsible for giving the permit for the construction of the new segment of the light rail.

Two persons were arrested on Thursday, including a protestor and a small child.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I personally think it complex the idea of a train going through Geula. From one side it will be very convienent since it is a very highly traveled path but from the other side, the work will disrupt life in the area.