Modi’in Illit Councilman Shares His Feelings Following the Attack that Left Sifrei Torah Damaged


Modi’in Illit Councilman Nachman Neiman was interviewed by Kikar Shabbos News, speaking about the recent vandalism attack in the Boyan Beis Medrash in which the beis medrash was ransacked and Sifrei Torah were scorched.

After speaking with gabboim, do you have any idea who may be responsible?
We haven’t a clue. That said, I do not believe we are talking about a nationalistic attack because this is a shul located at the perimeter of the city, and a person would not walk to the end of the city to perpetrate such an act, and I am almost certain that we are dealing with a thief or a mentally disturbed individual.

“Police are checking into all possibilities including homes that have security cameras as well as security cameras at the entrance to the city to find the person who would do such a horrific thing.

“That same day, during the morning hours I was not in the city. When I came back during the afternoon hours, I arrived at the shul and was very shocked at the harsh sight which reminded me of Kristallnacht.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)