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Hagaon Mordechai Gross: “If El Al Would Stop Flying On Shabbos It Would Mitigate The Epidemic”

The members of the Badatz kashrus organization gathered at the home of the Gaon Av Beis Din Chanichei HaYeshivos Rav Mordechai Gross on Thursday and asked him to deliver words of chizuk in face of the global coronavirus crisis, Kikar HaShabbos reported.

Am Yisrael can be of assistance regarding all incidents that influence the world,” the Rav began by saying. “Therefore we’re obligated to be mis’orer and reflect on how we can be me’takein our actions.”

“The main thing is the inyan of Shabbos Kodesh – to guard its kedushah b’shleimus because oneg (‘ענג’) Shabbos nullifies affliction (‘נגע’) – the foundations of this is in Sefer HaYatzira.”

“It’s clear to me that if an important company like El Al would accept upon itself to keep Shabbos Kodesh k’hilchasa completely, including the flying of airplanes (not the El Al airlines) and its subsidiaries – this zechus would stand as a chesed and rachamim before the Borei HaOlam to mitigate the severity of the epidemic.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. How about if Peleg would stop doing Hillul Hashem on the streets, and Naturei karta would stop siding with terrorists, mabe that will stop the virus.

  2. No correlation what so ever and no proof . Just talk. It would be nice if they didn’t fly , but that would not stop the virus.

  3. Not flying on Wednesdays would also reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

    The word and the mitzvos of Hashem do not need proof in this world, do not need to have an impact in this world. The word of Hashem is about holiness. More holiness in this world will bring Moshiach, and some of us will be left behind before Moshiach gets here.

  4. An adam gadol me’od, not someone to take lightly. Still, why davka El Al and not all the other massive chilul Shabbos that goes on in the Holy Land? He knows far better than I do, I’m just interested to hear what he would say.

  5. With great trepidation I humbly suggest that it would also do an enormous amount to mitigate decrees if the leaders of all the different factions would issue a joint statement and prayer for Divine mercy.

  6. If El Al Would Stop Flying On Shabbos El Al already doesn’t fly on Shabbos, so I take this edict to refer to flights getting very close to Shabbos, which caused 2 recent flights to end up in Athens and Gander over Shabbos.

  7. We should all do a Cheshbon HaNefesh and look at our own Ma’asim – after all, there’s a long-standing Klal that when Puranos come to the world, “yefashpesh bema’asav”. However, there is no klal “lefashpesh bema’ase chaveiro” – to examine his fellow man’s actions. We should all work on ourselves, and not blame the actions of others for the evil that comes to the world.

    As someone (I think it may have been R’ Avi Shaffran of the Agudah, but I could be wrong) said when a “mekubal” said that the collapse of the Versailles wedding hall was caused by mixed dancing – “We are not G-d’s bookkeepers” – He can keep his own accounts; our duty is to work on ourselves and try to positively influence others, not to cast blame.

    an Israeli Yid

  8. No, 147, he means El Al operations ON SHABBOS. Official El Al flights are not scheduled to be in the air on Shabbos, but the airline runs flights as normal on Shabbos under a different name.

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