Harav Chaim Kanievsky Is Fearful Of The Decline in Limud H’Torah: “The Chovas Ha’shaah Is To Increase Limud Torah”


Hagaon Rav Yisrael Meir Druk, a talmid muvhak of Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, told a number of Rabbanim that increasing limud Torah is obligatory during these times.

“[Harav Chaim] has been repeating the same message,” Rav Druk said. “I heard from him in a very strong way, stronger than usual, that there is a “chovas ha’shaah” of chizuk in limud ha’Torah. [HaRav Chaim] is mamash afraid of the decrease in Torah.”

“[Harav Chaim] said that there’s a greater danger in the lack of Torah than the coronavirus itself.”

“Every ben bayis who has a son[s] should try to increase their Torah learning,” added Rav Druck in the name of Harav Chaim. “As long we strengthen ourselves in limud Torah, it will lead to the end of the [coronavirus],” Rav Druck said.

“[Harav Chaim] repeated this many times that the chovas ha’shaah is be oisek b’Torah as much as possible.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “[Harav Chaim] said that there’s a greater danger in the lack of Torah than the coronavirus itself.”… It’s not that I disagree, because I know the pain of myself and many others not having the ability to daven with a minyan, missing kriyas HaTorah, and learning with other’s in “real life” (not skype)— but I can also imagine that if one has a spouse, parent, child, grandparent, friend in the ICU or fighting for their lives, the comments may not sit well or be as sensitive as should be.

  2. From the very beginning of the Coronavirus the last thing you can do as a Yid in this coronavirus situation is shut down completely Hashems Torah and tefillos when that is what keeps the entire world running.

    What did Rabbi Akiva the Tanna do when the Roman’s said no learning is allowed? He taught Torah with hundreds of talmidim in front of the romans.

    Sure we need to keep our safety precautions during this coronavirus situation and keep a distance from each other but to shut the Torah and tefillos down completely is pushing it way to far. People gave up their lives for Hashem and the Torah.

    May everyone Stay safe and healthy with your family and may we all do teshuva together very soon so Mashiach can come.

  3. Someone must tell reb chaim kanievsky that there is much learning torah all over. In Brooklyn lakewood. Monsey. 5 towns and eretz yisroel as well

  4. Matook. As a whole torah is way down compared to a normal day , yes for some who never learn there is an uptick but as a whole the kids , bochurim etc…a churban Norah not to mention the screen time being way up…

  5. TGIShabbos: Rav Chaim is trying to be mchazek and meorer those who can still learn. He is not talking to those who are ill or taking care of ill. Lets stop taking things out of context.

  6. TGIShabbos: Harav Chayim is not talking to ill people or those taking care of them. He is trying to be mechazek and meorer those who can still learn not to be lax and to even add as so many if us dont have the strenth.