Israel: At Least 65 Chabad Bochurim Who Returned From 770 Diagnosed With The Coronavirus


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Last week, YWN reported that Israel’s Health Ministry, in cooperation with Chabad rabbanim in Crown Heights and Israel, made a decision to transfer Chabad bochurim returning to Israel from 770 in Crown Heights directly to a “coronavirus hotel.” Since there is a severe outbreak of the coronavirus in Crown Heights, the bochurim were to be considered to be carrying the coronavirus until proven otherwise.

A group of 114 bochurim arrived on an El Al flight last week and were immediately transferred to the Dan Hotel in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem where they were quarantined. Testing was carried out and 65 bochurim tested positive for the virus.

The 65 bochurim have been transferred from the Dan Hotel to the Shmuel HaRofeh Medical Cente in Be’er Yaakov near Rishon L’Tzion. Eight more bochurim are still being tested and the 41 remaining bochurim will remain at the Dan Hotel until their 14 days of quarantine are complete.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)