Quarantine Violator Says She “Listened To Yair Lapid”


A young woman who returned from the States a few days ago violated her quarantine order and went shopping. She received a warning from Shin Bet on her phone and was fined NIS 5,000.

The woman, who was interviewed on Channel 12 News blamed her violation of the law on Blue and White leader Yair Lapid, saying: “I listened to Lapid. I understood that there are different opinions here. There are politicians who said to go out.”

In a video published last week, Lapid claimed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordering people not to leave their homes “is not democracy. Ask yourself – in what country does a government that hasn’t been elected tell its citizens that it’s forbidden for them to leave their homes?”

Lapid was widely slammed for the video and for his irresponsible message which put people’s lives at risk.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)