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IDF Liaison Officer Details Current Realities in Gaza

Colonel Nir Press, the Director of IDF Gaza Liaison Office spoke with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on Sunday night.

Colonel Press stated that in the big picture, the residents of Gaza are not pleased with ongoing Hamas attacks, leaving them with an embargo and cut off from many services, resulting in difficult realities vis-à-vis their day-to-day needs.

At present, only a small quantity of goods are brought into Gaza as compared to the period before the embargo, blaming Hamas for the shortage of goods and difficulties resulting from current realities.

Press stated that until such time that Hamas learns the terrorism will not achieve its intended goal, and as the rocket attacks continue, the crossing points will remain closed and the international community will not line up in solidarity with the Hamas government in Gaza.

That said, Press acknowledged that in Israel, there are businesses that are suffering too, since in past years, many factories, furniture and textiles for example, maintained a connection to Gaza and today, any hope of such business relationships have vanished. He stated that nevertheless, the Israeli economy is strong enough to endure these new realities.

Hamas during recent months has been running with a propaganda campaign seeking to enlist the support of the international community, blaming Israel for the humanitarian difficulties resulting from the Israeli embargo.

We must understand that the moment the terror strikes crossing points, trucks delivering goods are attacked, the quantity of goods will be reduced and the ‘man in the [Gaza] street’ knows and understands this, even if Gaza residents do not vocalize these realities.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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