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Rav Pinto Invited to Meet with Iranian President Hassan Rohani

piirThere is still some discussion regarding the reported Rosh Hashanah greetings sent to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from Iranian President Hassan Rohani.

Whatever the case may be, there appears to be another surprising initiative from the Iranian president, for Maariv reports the American-Iranian Institute based in the United States has invited Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto to meet with Rohani. The report states the two are planning to meet on September 26, 2013 during the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is also expected to take part in the meeting.

Maariv reports that Rav Pinto has not responded yet, and he will be conferring with a number of state officials in Israel before announcing his decision. It appears the invitation is the result of efforts from Italian businessmen who maintain a connection with Rabbi Pinto as well as with state leaders in Iran.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. It is always advisable that Jewish leaders maintain friendly and cordial relations with heads of states across the world, especially where there is a Jewish population and it is a player in international affairs. This is in keeping with how Jewish leaders have acted throughout the centuries, both before and after Abarbanel and Rambam’s times.

  2. Take it easy @StrepAside. This article has nothing to do with him being a Tzatddik. Your constant promoting of Rav Pinto in unrelated articles makes me think perhaps there is what to hide.

  3. Of all the members of the Knesset Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, head of the “Agudat Yisrael” party, is the one who is very intelligent and very benevolent.

    Sometimes I’m afraid that Tel Aviv is going to sink into the sea; other times I’m afraid that it is not.

    The restoration of the Shah to a position of honor in Iran would be good for Iran, good for the world, and good for Israel & the Jews. I think he understands that Iran wants a theocracy and the excessive westernization is contrary to the will of his people.

    Iran and Turkey are believers, enlightened societies, powerful nations, and neighbors of Israel. I would like them to be friends as they have been in the past.

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