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Israel: Police Chief’s New Vehicle to Arrive Next Week

mishtara22.jpgThere is already somewhat of a media stir surrounding the new vehicle ordered for the Chief of Israel Police, Dudi Cohen, expected to arrive in Israel next week.

An Audi A6 will serve as the next vehicle for Israel’s number one cop, equipped with advanced GPS and other navigational, communications, and other high-tech equipment, including at least four LCD monitors. The vehicle is delayed to permit the manufacturer to review the specifications, uncertain if it is capable of supporting the electric demands that will become part of its daily operational load.

Seeking to defend the four LCD monitors, which appear to have caused the media frenzy, police officials report one enables the chief to view satellite imaging directly from a police chopper, a second to receive police satellite imaging from various satellites, the third to accommodate an advanced state-of-the-art GPS system and the last to permit the chief to view TV news.

Police officials have justified the request to the satisfaction of treasury officials, permitting the placement of the order – explaining some of the additions are security-related.

A treasury official stated the vehicle is one of the models available to the chief, a high-ranking security official, stating the cost is included in the department’s budget.

In a somewhat related matter, Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein requested that his replacement vehicle be a less expensive and less ostentatious one than permitted him.

Minister Ruchama Avraham has declined accepting a replacement vehicle, opting to remain with the Volvo that was scheduled for replacement.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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