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Peretz: Barak is Destroying the Labor Party

Former Labor Party leader Amir Peretz on Monday accused party leader Defense Minister Ehud Barak of destroying the party.

Peretz, who served in the defense portfolio during his tenure as party leader, was compelled to step down following his failures in the Second Lebanon War.

Peretz’s remarks come a day after the announcement that party colleague Dr. Ephraim Sneh is breaking away from Labor to form his own party. Peretz and Sneh are aligned with one another, both opponents of Barak and his leadership policies. Peretz stated that Sneh’s departure is a major loss for the party, acknowledging he is a well-respected lawmaker.

Peretz added that when he was party leader, he maintained a relationship with those in opposite camps but Barak does not even maintain a dialogue with him or other party opponents.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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