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Eida Chareidis Koshers Tzfas Hotel

kosher.gifAccording to a report filed by Chadrei, for the first time ever, the Yerushalayim based Eida Chareidis gave a hechsher to a hotel, kashering the luxurious Tzfas K’nan Safa Hotel to accommodate a visiting delegation of Satmar chassidim. The hotel is located on Mt. K’nan in Tzfas. Mashgichim of the Eida spent Shabbos in the hotel to ensure their high standard of kashrus was maintained.

A group of Satmar chassidim came to Eretz Yisrael for Lag B’Omer and they rented the hotel for Shabbos. They successfully negotiated a deal with the Eida to provide supervision for Shabbos in the hotel.

The team of mashgichim arrived on Tuesday, bringing new utensils, and scrutinizing the delivery of food for the Shabbos. Kitchen staff received special instructions from the rabbonim.

The Eida confirmed the report, stating they did give a one-time hecsher for the food in the hotel on that specific Shabbos.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Why is this news – I seem to remember a hotel in Natanyeh getting the Eidah hechsher for 1 shabbos while I was there.

  2. It isn’t called the “K’nan Safa Hotel”, rather the “K’nan Spa Hotel”. It is next door to the American Chabad Mesivta for children of the US shluchim (yeshivas tzerei hashluchim) on Rechov Gedud Hashlishi.

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