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WATCH: Historic Duet Of Avraham Fried And Tel Aviv Rock Star Aviv Geffen; Read How It Came About

The duet of Jewish music superstar Avraham Fried and Tel Aviv rock star Aviv Geffen – “Batzoret” (Drought)was released on Sunday morning.

How did this unlikely collaboration of Fried and Geffen come about? It all started with a video that Fried’s friend sent him.

“It could have just been another evening of the coronavirus routine in my home in Brooklyn,” Fried said. “But a video that a friend in Israel sent me left me in tears. When I saw the video of Aviv crying during an interview and pleading to stop the hateful discourse…I couldn’t continue to stand by and I answered his call.”

“I never met Aviv Geffen,” Fried continued, “and meeting him was never on my agenda. But if there’s one thing that the coronavirus has taught us is that there’s no such thing as ‘no such thing’ and hearts can connect from even tens of thousands of miles away.”

“This song came to provide an opening for hope and unity” said Geffen. “It was recorded after countless fascinating conversations between Avraham and I. We felt that this is a statement that both of us want to make – a type of testament of a country that doesn’t want the people that live in it to be forgotten.”

Lyrics: (Written and composed by Aviv Geffen)

The walls of the soul crack and a ray of light escapes
How beautiful it is to see the vine blooming in the wilderness
Even a skeptic carries with him a little prayer
At a time of drought when we were awaiting gishmei bracha

Even if you are terribly worried
Don’t lose hope and believe in love
There’s no peace and no serenity
You’re also scared and bitter
I’m your brother, don’t forget
Even if you are a bit distant
At a time of drought…

Even with my eyes closed, I heard your voice
You called to invite me into the tent of your loneliness
Small flames became one big bonfire
We forgot that everything burns during a time of drought

Even if you are terribly worried…

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I don’t. And I wouldn’t go that far. The song is, indeed, lovely though. May Hashem have rachmanis. May it be a zchus that these 2 Yidden reached out to each other. A Yid is a Yid!!

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