This Personality Trait Makes Shidduchim More Challenging

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Many have complained about shidduchim, comparing it to trying to nailing jello onto a tree. You are supposed to be polite and make a good impression. Yet open up, be vulnerable, and allow the one you are dating to get to know the real you. Especially for serial daters on the reserved side, this often feels close to impossible.

Yehuda Lederman was a classic case. When it came to shidduchim, he worried. Who would look past his shy exterior, and see him for who he really was– an intelligent and deeply caring boy who would do anything to ensure the security of his loved ones? But after several years of searching, Yehuda finally found a girl that understood him and appreciated him for who he was. He describes his kallah, Devorah, as the funnest, sweetest, kindest girl he has ever known. The best part is that she sees him for who he is. 

There is only one issue. Yehuda’s father was niftar eight years ago. Yehuda’s mother is 72 and has no income. The chosson works in his yeshiva’s kitchen but he can’t afford to give his kallah the basic things she needs. 

“I don’t ask for much, just the basics. A sheitel, a few dresses for sheva brachos. My kallah deserves to feel special just like every other kallah. Just because she is engaged to me, doesn’t mean that she should have to feel like she is missing anything.”

A fund has been set up to help this young couple pay for basic necessities needed to start their lives without parental financial support. Readers can donate by clicking here