Olmert and Bush Concentrate on Iranian Threat


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bush olmert.jpgFollowing his meeting with US President George W. Bush on Wednesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told reporters he will not respond to questions unrelated to his meeting with the president, unwilling to address the Israeli political scene.

Olmert stated the Iranian threat occupied the meeting, with the two leaders discussing the severity of the growing Iranian menace to Israel and the free world. The two agreed that Tehran mustn’t be permitted to achieve nuclear independence.

Regarding Gaza, the prime minister stated there will be no negotiating with Hamas. He added that the government is not restraining the IDF, explaining senior military commanders may launch a large operation at any time they feel such a moved is warranted.

On the Syrian front, Olmert stated that in his talks earlier with Secretary of State Rice, he indicated Israel is willing to negotiate with Syria and in reference to the PA, talks will continue at a brisk pace in the hope of achieving an agreement by year’s end.

The president at the end of their meeting presented Olmert with a Segway. Olmert did not waste time trying out his new toy and requested to ride it back to nearby Blair House but security officials opposed the move. When Mr. Bush was in Israel, Mr. Olmert presented the president with a mountain bike.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)