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Rosh Yeshivas Chevron Contracts COVID-19 After Being Vaccinated, Joining 240 Other Israelis

Rosh Yeshivas Chevron and member of Degel’s Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah HaRav Dovid Cohen tested positive for the coronavirus after being vaccinated about a week and a half ago.

The Rosh Yeshivah apparently caught the virus in yeshivah as there has been an outbreak there recently and in many other yeshivos following Chanukah vacation. HaRav Cohen and Chevron Yeshivah have been known for having been extremely stringent on adhering to health regulations and unlike most other yeshivas in Israel, this was the first coronavirus outbreak it suffered. HaRav Cohen has been mapkid to always wear a mask and has been barely leaving his house except to go to the yeshivah.

The Rosh Yeshivah’s condition is good but those close to him say that tefillos are needed due to his age (71) and request that the public daven for HaRav Dovid ben Esther l’refuah sheleimah b’toch shaar cholei Yisrael.

As of late last week, there were about 240 Israelis out of the million vaccinated who were diagnosed with the virus days after being vaccinated, Channel 13 News reported. And a Ynet report on Sunday said that 21 residents of a Bat Yam retirement home tested positive for the virus after they were vaccinated.

The vaccination is not effective immediately. The body develops antibodies providing immunity to the virus only about 8-10 days after the first dose with only about 50% effectiveness. The second dose, which should be administered 21 days after the first, raises the vaccine’s effectiveness to 95%, but only a week after the second injection – 28 days after the first injection.

Therefore, those who are vaccinated with the first dose must continue to strictly adhere to health regulations to avoid contracting the virus. Also, it is recommended that even after people are fully vaccinated they should continue to wear masks to protect others. This is because it possible that vaccinated persons can contract the virus but not become ill due to the immunity they developed but still pass on the virus to others through their noses and mouths.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Hopefully, the Rav and all the others who contracted the virus recently will have a refuah shelamah.
    As previously noted, if you have recently been exposed to the virus, getting the vaccine may not really help much since it takes some time for the antibodies to become strong enough to be effective.

  2. I had also originally heard ‘Dovid ben Esther’ on what’s called the “Kav Corona” – a phone line with corona updates, but have since seen his full name posted: Dovid ben Chaya Esther Ittel
    דוד בן חיה אסתר איטל לרפו”ש בתושח”י

  3. @bahby, you may not be aware of this but no vaccine gives you immunity immediately. So he may have been infected when he was vaccinated or he got infected a day or three later. BTW, the published data demonstrate that it is only about 95% effective, so that means 5% of the folks who get the vaccine may not develop sufficient immunity to protect them from infection.

  4. 1. Did “contract coronavirus” mean just “test positive”, or “test positive with symptoms that are worse than would be the case if the person had a cold, flu or allergies.” Remember that most cases of coronavirus don’t make you sick, so how do you count someone who tests positive but also has cold, flu or allergies (to be fair, they would need to also test for cold, flu or allergies).
    2. Many vaccines have a side effect of getting a mild case of what they are vaccinating against. And the whole idea of a vaccine is to make one “positive” without getting seriously ill. Are the people in question all in need of hospitalization.
    3. They have not yet tested whether those vaccinated can spread the disease (probably what would have been done in the multi-year testing that was skipped at the politicians’ request).

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