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A NEIS: 30 IDF Soldiers Got Off The Bus Seconds Before Anti-Tank Missile Hit

An anti-tank missile launched by Hamas on Thursday morning hit an empty bus near the Gaza border area, lightly injuring a soldier nearby who was hit by shrapnel. He was evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon for treatment.

Later on Thursday, Meir Vaknin, the driver of the bus told Reshet Bet about the great miracle that had occurred – 30 soldiers had gotten off the bus literally seconds before the missile hit.

“I let off the soldiers, turned around, and then it hit,” Vaknin said. “The entire vehicle shook, it was a miracle.”

“About 30 soldiers got off a few seconds earlier. Baruch Hashem, no one was injured.”‘

“We fired a Cornet missile toward a bus carrying soldiers,” Hamas’s military wing tweeted afterward, publishing a frightening video of the attack.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It looks like we are getting better as a nation, as a people. The war is helping us to get united and to become more understanding to the other person.
    Hashem is making for us miracles because we are becoming more peaceful to another Yid.

  2. They have done this before. They intentionally wait for the soldiers to get off before shooting. They know hitting a bus and killing multiple soldiers would be their end. They just want to show that they have the ability to inflict mass casualties..

  3. חסדי ה’ כי לא תמנו כי לא כלו רחמיו
    We’ve felt Hashem’s din lately; the love stroke is so comforting, like a father’s hug after a few petch.
    Re Hamas – what are they so proud of? They seem to have missed the message that while they wanted to kill 30 Jewish soldiers, Allah loves His Yiddishe kinderlach and saved them in the nick of time.
    And that the “brave” Hamas rocket shooters will go straight to Hell for trying to murder. No 70 virgins awaiting them but rather many hundreds of malachei chabala waiting to greet them…

  4. Chasdei H’! Please take note, no doubt there were a number of not yet shomrei Torah on that bus and they were part of the neis.

  5. Hashem watch our brothers
    This could have ended in a terrible tragedy.

    Israel should retaliate as if the worst happened, otherwise they sure will be motivated to do it again and again and again

    It seems like Bibi and his government are too weak to respond to this terror, they make it as if bombing buildings with the enemies in them is a crime. People all over the world recognize their weakness and are emboldened by it.

    In the time of Jewish kings, if an enemy came to wipe the nation off the map, the Jews fought back and totally destroyed them. It is only because lsrael gave into the argument that we have to protect the lives of “innocent civilians at all cost” that emboldened our enemies to shoot behind “civilians” without any serious consequences


  6. Not a neis. A very nice story but not a neis. Go learn what a neis is. You sound stupid. Maybe it’s a neis every time you take off your pants because the next minute it went into the washing machine. So you almost ended up in the washer. Basically not a neis.

  7. ANON21
    You sound like you have an agenda against yidden being mechuzek in emunah and bitachon!
    What is your issue?

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