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Brother Of Israeli Anti-Vaxxer Who Died: “My Mother Is Distraught, Go Get Vaccinated”

Avi Shaulian, the brother of Chai Shaulian, z’l, a leading Israeli anti-vaxxer who died of COVID earlier this week, tearfully spoke about the loss of his brother and his feelings of regret that he couldn’t convince him to get vaccinated.

Speaking on Channel 12 News the day after his brother’s death, he said: “This is a very difficult day. In another few hours, we’re going to bury my older brother. Until his last day, he thought his path was correct. We had many arguments with him trying to explain our view. It almost caused us to cut off contact with each other but at the end we were in touch until his last moment. We told him: ‘Vaccinate, vaccinate,’ but it didn’t help.”

In a voice choked with tears, Avi appealed to the public: “It’s not a game – go be vaccinated. Save yourself and your loved ones. My mother is devastated, the whole family is shattered. Save yourselves. Save your lives. Think of your families, your parents, your children.”

Avi is sure that his brother wouldn’t have died if he would have been vaccinated. “He could have lived to see his children make weddings for his grandchildren. He was stubborn. We have the privilege to be vaccinated.”

Appealing directly to anti-vaxxers, Avi said: “I respect you but you have to admit your mistake. You have another opportunity to rectify your mistake and save yourselves.”

In conclusion, Avi burst into tears and said: “Spare your loved ones from suffering. For a week and a half, our entire family hasn’t had a life. Don’t be fools. Why suffer? If you travel to India, you have to first undergo 20 or 30 shots and you don’t even ask questions.”

“We have only one neshama,” Avi stressed. “Take care of it the best you can.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. If these antivaxer meshugaim won’t listen to the gadolei hador, why would they care about the pleas from a grief-stricken mother or brother. They simply don’t care….their “personal liberty” is more important than their own lives or those of others they put at risk. We have public officials who say that the only ones truly at risk from Covid are the elderly and they should just stay inside if they are afraid of being infected. “They’ve lived their lives and now I want to live mine without being forced to put drugs in my body or hide behind a mask…” (paraphrased since I can’t find the original quote).
    The media (kol hakovod to YWN) have done everything they can incentivize and educate individuals to get vaccinated but we’ve reached a point where roughly 20-30 percent refuse to accept the science and the vast consensus of medical and public health experts. We mandate vaccinations for much less serious diseases…we’ve reached the point where Covid vaccinations for participation in our society should be mandated.

  2. It’s the shot that’s claiming the lives of most of the sick –– most because of having been ‘inoculated’ with it, and others are falling sick because of the ‘vaccinated’ shedding the man-made virus contained in these shots.

  3. Yeshiva World is a propaganda tool and no longer can be called a news site!
    That picture was taken from a video which Chai said that he was beaten to the point of broken toes and then given a shot which he was convinced that he was poisoned. His wife was interviewed after his death and said that he had called her to inform her that a doctor had told him that he won’t leave the hospital alive.

  4. Yisroel…

    Oh wow, explain the hi flow nasal oxygen, it seems as a Covid treatment for advanced respiratory failure. Such as when despite supplemental oxygen there still is a VQ mismatch requiring more aggressive oxygen therapy.

    I wasnt aware that this can also be used as a treatment for broken toes..

  5. It’s very interesting that Israel, with such high covid-shot innoculation rates, you’d expect some receding of the percentage of coronavirus, instead they have one of the highest rates of covid in the world. The only thing they can blame it on are the “unvaccinated” but interestingly enough, in the black communities in the US where most people don’t take these shots and in other communities in the US where the majority don’t take these shots, like many frumm communities in the US, the rates are much, much lower than in Israel. So I’m wondering how much we can trust the Israeli government and media that could conveniently drop pertinent details that would reveal the story in a different light… We can trust the Israeli government and media likely as much as we can trust the MSM in the USA.

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