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HORRIFIC CRASH : 7 Arabs Are Killed, 3 Injured In Car Accident In Israel [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

Seven Arabs from the Palestinian Authority were killed and several were injured in a devastating car accident between a minibus and a truck on Route 90 in the Jordan Valley on Thursday afternoon.

The accident happened near the Petza’el Junction.

One of the injured is in critical condition and two are seriously injured.

Photo: Fire and Rescue Services

Israel Fire and Rescue Services are on the scene to extricate passengers who are still trapped inside the vehicles. The rescue is expected to take a prolonged period of time as complex rescue operations are needed.

United Hatzalah

IDF choppers arrived at the scene to assist in the evacuation of the wounded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

17 Responses

  1. The Torah is absolutely clear – binpol oy oyvecha AL tismach! Even if these people were blood-on-hands terrorists it is 100% strictly forbidden to be happy about their demise. Anyone who says otherwise is an ignoramus and a fool.

  2. Your comments are horrific. These were people. Not terrorists. Created in hashem’s image. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Shame on all of you! These are all human beings. As long as they were not on a suicide mission, this should be a very sad thing. Just because they live in the PA does not all of a sudden make them bad people. I bet hitler had the same attitude as some on this forum.

  4. Kuchlefel: B’nefoil … Only goes on Tzaddikim, by Reshaim it says “b’avoid reshaim rinah”
    @ Bouncing yak, Being a human Being in itself is not a qualification for sympathy, to use your analogy,, Hitler ym”s was also a human.
    @ everyone else, Derech eretz kadma L’torah. If you cannot behave with decency, and you cannot express sympathy for the death of people who do not know are bad, then you have brought upon yourself a very disgraceful image. For shame.

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