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Olmert Must Step Down Following Primaries

Many of the senior Kadima officials, cabinet ministers, feel that after the party elects a new leader, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should be compelled to step down. Among those who feel the primary election is tantamount to Olmert’s expulsion process is a supporter, Minister Chaim Ramon, who stated that following the election of the new leader, Olmert must clear the way for the victor to take over and form an alternate government.

Ramon explained we do not need an expulsion process since the election of a new leader in essence is the same thing. He added that Olmert needn’t step down immediately following the election of a new leader, but only when a new government has been established.

Minister Avi Dichter added that this spells the end of Olmert’s political career, adding “I do not envision any scenario in which a new party leader is elected and Olmert continues functioning as prime minister.

Aides to Olmert on Thursday were quick to explain that the agreement states the newly-elected party leader will be Kadima’s candidate for prime minister in the next election, but Olmert is not at all compelled to step down ahead of elections. “All options remain open at present. Olmert will make final a decision following the cross examination of Talansky,” aides stated.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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