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WATCH: Israel Police Releases Video Of Search For Moishe: Drones, Dogs, & Helicopters

Israel Police published a video of a large-scale search for Moishe Kleinerman on Wednesday in the Meron area, the last place he was seen 88 days ago.

The move comes the day after a discussion in the Knesset about Moshie’s disappearance, during which Israel Police was slammed for its neglect of the case.

Israel Police were joined in the search by ZAKA, the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), and hundreds of volunteers.

“We’re continuing searches for Moishe, the boy who belongs to all of us,” said Police Rav, Rav Rami Birchiyahu. “Israel Police is conducting extensive efforts to bring Moishe home via searches with additional officers, rescue units, and civlian volunteers.”

“Israel Police will continue efforts to find Moishe and bring him back safe and sound.”

The public is asked to continue davening for Avraham Moshe ben Gittel. Anyone who wishes to assist in the case can click on the link:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. may this child be found , yes, I too believe the Police have been laxed, far too much for this jewish woman…..stop pandering with the Arabs and keep us safe……

  2. Now they putting on a show that they are trying to find the young man that went missing 88 days a go?

    Where were they in the past 80 days?

    Why silence?

    Why they decided to act now?

    Why the indifference??

    “Now let’s show unity movie and feel good and find him “????

    Hatzalah making a mockery for TV Hoolywood show?
    Police on the making of a movie?

    Were were they for the past 80 days?
    Investagation must be done and people fired?

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