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BDE: HaGaon HaRav Tuvia Weiss, Z’TL, Gaavad Of The Eidah HaChareidis

HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss, z’tl, the Gaavad of the Eidah HaChareidis was niftar Friday night at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem at the age of 96.

The petirah occurred on Leil Shabbos Kodesh at 3:15 a.m, with the niftar’s family members and talmidim surrounding his bed and calling out Shema Yisrael and Vidui. His condition had been critical since Thursday night.

HaRav Weiss, z’tl, was hospitalized two weeks ago before Shabbos due to a severe infection and after suffering a further deterioration in his condition last Friday night, was sedated and ventilated.

HaRav Weiss, z’tl, was born in Pezinok, near Bratislava in Czechoslovakia (currently in Slovakia) in 1926. In 1939, he was saved from Nazi Europe in the Kinderstransport organized by Sir Nicholas Winston, traveling to London alone with his family left behind.

As a bochur, he learned in Yeshivas Toras Emes of HaRav Moshe Schneider, zt’l. After his marriage, he learned in the Gateshead Kollel under HaGaon HaRav Eliyahu Dessler, z’tl. Following HaRav Dessler’s move to Eretz Yisrael, HaRav Weiss was appointed as the Rosh Kollel in his place.

A number of years later, HaRav Weiss returned to London, where he was appointed as the Rosh Mesivta in Yeshivas HaRama headed by HaRav Elyakim Schlesinger. At the same time, he began doing shimush in hora’ah (practical halacha) under HaRav Shlomo Baumgarten. Later he was appointed by HaRav Baumgarten as the Rav of the Etz Chaim shul.

In 1966, he moved to Antwerp, where he lived for 37 years, serving as the Rosh Mesivta at the Etz Chaim yeshiva and later as dayan on the Antwerp Beis Din. He also served as the Rav of the Gerrer Beis Medrash in the city.

He began his position as Gaavad of the Eidah HaChareidis on July 14, 2003, after the death of his predecessor, HaRav Yisrael Moshe Dushinsky, z’tl.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem is keeping you updated on Motzei Shabbos from Yerushalayim.)

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  1. I was zoche to know him for a while on a personal level, and say that he was possibly the sweetest, gentlest, most sensitive and caring person I’ve ever known. A cousin from Manchester, whom knew him from their days at Gateshead, said that he once happened to see “R’ Tuvia” at baggage claim at an airport, who seeing that the cousin had problems with his legs, thought nothing about pulling his bags off the conveyor belt for him. A sweet person.

  2. A true leader, Torah giant and a big loss for all of Klal Yisroel.
    וכל בית ישראל יבכו את השרפה אשר שרף השם

  3. Suddenly as some may say- Achrei Mois, then, Kedoishim.
    Suddenly he is hagaon zt”l with all the titles, what happened when he was alive, he wasn’t hagaon then?
    Or is it, when he was alive you can’t make up codswallop in his name and get away with it, as he could refute such claims, but once he’s not here any more, you could build mountains of absolute trash in his name huh?

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