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Sara Netanyahu’s Hairdresser: “They Didn’t Come To Protest, They Were In A Crazed Frenzy”

Moshe Butbol, Sara Netanyahu’s hairdresser who was stuck inside his Tel Aviv salon for hours on Wednesday evening as an angry mob of protesters stood outside, spoke to the press on Thursday morning.

Butbol told Ynet: “A client of mine is the one who leaked it. [The customer took a photo of herself with Sara sitting in the background and sent it to protest groups on social media.] Within minutes, ten people arrived, minutes later, it was dozens, and from there it grew and grew until it reached thousands.”

“I felt pressured because thousands were standing outside my door. And they didn’t exactly come to protest – they were in a crazed frenzy. I felt threatened, it was a serious siege.”

“What did Sara say to you when realized you were stuck inside?” the interviewer asked.

“She calmed me down. She told me: ‘Moshe, be strong.’ She saw that I was stressed. I was afraid. There were thousands of people outside and I didn’t know what to do.”

The siege at the salon lasted for nearly three hours, during which hundreds of police officers were deployed to the area. Clashes broke out as the police tried to disperse the crowd. Netanyahu was eventually rescued by members of the Magen personal security unit at the Prime Minister’s Office with the help of hundreds of police officers and horses.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “The customer took a photo of herself with Sara sitting in the background and sent it to protest groups on social media” TO TEACH US THE DANGER OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND SMART PHONES!

  2. You can’t make this up. A client of this poor little snowflake (aka Suralah’s hairdresser) “leaked” news that she was having her sheitel styled at his salon and thousands of protestors showed up leaving him terrified but he was consoled by Surahlah. Sounds like a plot for a reality show.
    The left has lost its mind, but so has the right and there doesn’t seem to be much left in the middle of the political spectrum

  3. Dorah,

    What about you, who constantly mocks everyone and even curses other Jews? You’ve lost your mind and a mob beating just might be the thing to knock some sense back into your head.

  4. The outcome could have been disastrous. Where on earth was her security??? The person who took the photo is 100% guilty of incitement and the police MUST make an arrest!!!

  5. If she would wear a sheitel this would not have happened…
    Hopefully soon she’ll be ready for that (or even a tichel!!)

  6. @GotAGP: Sorry to disappoint you, but even if she wore a wig, she would still need the services of a hairdresser. You obviously don’t. Wigs need regular maintenance. Lots of it. (When she’s up to it, she can ask her own LOR about the appropriateness of a male vs female hairdresser…)

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