HORRIFYING: Chabad Shliach Severely Beaten By Leftist Protesters [Video]


The wife of a Chabad shliach who was severely beaten by left-wing protesters at the Kaplan intersection in Tel Aviv on Sunday spoke to the media on Thursday about the horrifying incident.

The couple had gone to Tel Aviv to visit their son and were on their way home, unaware that a spontaneous left-wing protest had begun on Kaplan, with no police stationed nearby. While waiting at a light, the protesters began banging on their car and shouting at them.

The husband tried to continue driving but when protesters blocked their way and tried to smash their windows, he got out of the car to talk to the protesters so they wouldn’t break the glass. They responded by punching him in the face and one of them struck him with his flagpole and severely lacerated his cheek.

The husband told his wife that he feels faint and he can’t see and she should drive him to the hospital. His wife panicked and asked for help but the protesters wouldn’t let them continue even as they saw him bleeding. She tried calling the police but couldn’t get through. Finally, one protester stepped in and drove them to the nearest hospital, where the husband required stitches for a very deep cut on his cheek.

The woman said that in one of the videos of the scene, one of the protesters could be heard yelling: ‘Take out their motor,’ as if he wanted her husband to bleed to death.

The woman said that her story wasn’t published until now because the media purposely ignored the story. “The whole time, I saw dozens of phones pointed at me but no one published them in the media. And there were dozens of protesters there. We didn’t want to publish it but friends said we had to. It’s important that the police deal with the rioters and bring them to justice.”

The couple’s lawyer, Raphael Assulin, said: “The continuous incitement against the Chareidi sector as if it’s leading the people to dark times…causes people to commit unthinkable acts. My client was mercilessly attacked to the point of endangering his life only because of his Chareidi appearance.

“My client is a broken person now and is afraid to leave the house for fear of being attacked again, not to mention the powerlessness of the police who did nothing during the incident. Even afterward, my client had to go to them with his last strength, bruised and beaten, to file a complaint.

“I am hopeful that now that a complaint has been filed, the police will work hard to find those responsible for this terrible lynching.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. May the Almighty send a quick
    רפואה שלמה
    to this injured man.
    I think we all need to beg Hashem and sincerely and with tears (if possible) we need to ask Hashem to please please help us and not to let these thugs make protests and harm us. Hashem please do not give them the ability to hurt us Yidden. In the merit of our learning Torah, Hashem will protect us.
    Achdus also will protect us.
    WE SHOULD JUDGE ANOTHER YID IN A FAVORABLE MANNER. (I am not referring to these criminals)

  2. & until the police find the savages responsible for this lynching, lapid their mentor & guru, needs to be held in escrow in a prison cell, to turn up the pressure on the police to locate these beasts

  3. I think what could help this situation and Hashem will protect us from these terrible guys, we need maybe to improve in the following:
    Try not to take another Yid to court- try to settle out of court—
    Stop talking very loud in Shul during Krias HaTorah—
    Try to minimize all the inside fighting in your family—-
    Judge another Yid in a favorable manner—-
    Before Shmoneh Esrei PLEASE turn off your phone———

  4. I m wondering if Mr. Lapid has something to say on that.And thos leftist should be arrested and put to prison.
    They worse than Nazis. Paid by Lapid and his Friends. I want to see which of the former Gouverment Ministers are
    getting up and say something im sure no one. And also all the Israel News Papers did not write anything about it.
    This is the so called Jewish state, worse then goyim.

  5. I can’t speak to what happened to this particular individual, but I was passing the area right when the protest in question began (I was on Derech HaShalom, the continuation of Rechov Kaplan, right at the entrance to the Ayalon, for those familiar with the area). The protesters were loud, disruptive, and annoying – but were not violent. I had no trouble turning around and avoiding them – one guy yelled and waved his sign and flag at me, but when I tapped my horn and gave him a thumbs-up, he just waved and moved along.

    There could well have been a few who were violent – but that can happen at any protest, unfortunately. See the violence that took place at the right-wing protest in favor of the reform that took place in Yerushalayim on Monday, where elements of the crowd attacked a few innocent passers-by.

    Note that I am not expressing any opinion on the proposed judicial reform – that is a topic for another time.

    an Israeli Yid

  6. a “DEAD jew” did this…one so taken over by evil….please, remove this debt, as well as all the rainbows and wokes…then get a new President…Herzog is tainted…his son is a gay man with a wife or a husband…this is Israel….wake up…..shame….I don’t sit with goyem and now I won’t sit with. a secular jew….Hashem Gadol

  7. Let’s hope the biased, secular courts in Israel can prosecute these horrible violent protesters. The protesters need to tell the cops who did this. May the injured get a complete and total healing ASAP.

  8. It starts by separation of kids into considerable different school systems where tgey meet tens of years later each with opposing ideology at demonstrations. Stupid Israel gov’t. decision for decadent decades.

  9. OH! I can’t wait for the day when the Arabs will realize the truth and help us get rid of all these goyim in Israel. This includes all these.
    They will happily build the Holy Temple for us, and come pray there 5 times a day in unity.

  10. Please keep the photo as it is. This poor yid has to see these images every time he looks in the mirror, so the least we can do is see it also as solidarity.