DISASTER: Major Pesach Program Goes Belly Up A Week Before Pesach


A Pesach getaway program scheduled to take place at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ, has dissolved into disaster due to what the director of the Pesach program described as a “huge financial scam.”

People who signed up for the Pesach program, which had been slated to run from April 4-14 and featured a full roster of singers and personalities, were notified Wednesday of an “unfortunate and unprecedented situation.”

“While the program was moving along nicely, while our dedicated team was working tirelessly to make it a true success, we were hit with a huge financial scam, and we are not sure at this point if we can continue,” a message from Aryeh Hospitality said.

“We are trying to find an alternative option,” the message continued. “Should we be successful at it, we will notify you immediately.”

It wasn’t clear what the scam alluded to was, though unconfirmed rumors have been spreading like wildfire across social media.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “al tismach” there will surely be ” some” who are a bit happy or jealous…that sarcastic feeling of OY poor…is also chometz , whether you are home as i am happy to be, or whether you go to a hotel for some reason … this is a big headache and shters yom tov ofcourse in the end things usually work out

  2. I think know the guy who runs this program, as of yesterday he was putting in every effort to make the program work.
    He had less than 50% off rooms booked and was negotiating with everyone he owed money to, to try to make it work.
    If there was any new issue since then, I don’t see a way for him to make it work.
    This I can say for sure, if it’s who I think it is, he spent thousands of dollars yesterday to bring his kosher for Pesach kitchen equipment to the hotel.
    It is unfortunate that this happened, and will be a massive problem for hundreds of people who won’t have where to go for Pesach if he can’t pull anything together as a replacement.

    It it just such a shame as he has been through so much in his personal life in the last few years, and he just hired new bookkeeping staff to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

  3. The other thing I would add is that he legitimately has been the victim of at least one scam that I personally am aware of.
    That doesn’t necessarily excuse any of this, on the contrary, he should have taken more precautions.
    But at the same time, it does go to show that at times he can be a clueless lemeleh, and if he was the victim of anything sophisticated, like some sort of phishing attack or hack, he probably didn’t know better.

  4. People should try and make Pesach themselves the good old fashioned way. I love Pesach without such fancy food and entertainment. Just regular simple fare and being with my family is all I need.

  5. To quote previous גדול הדור:- Moreinu hoRav אביגדור הכהן Miller זצקללה”ה:- Best place for פסח is at home.
    Only possible exception:- if going to parents or children

  6. Oh, no what will we do now. Rebyossel has room only for one couple. What about children? Leaving an invite without any contact information.

  7. huju, it’s very sad and unfortunate that in today’s day more specifically its not only programs who are scammers. Shockingly many vendors in the business world and more take deposits promising to deliver and walk off never to deliver.

  8. We read about these scams every year so those who failed to do their own due diligence will have to deal with the consequences. I’m sorry for those whose plans were disrupted but the good news is that they were alerted in sufficient time and have a week to prepare for what will hopefully be a chag kosher v’sameach AT HOME.

  9. I’d think by now one should refuse a program that won’t accept a credit card as form of payment. Even if the swimming is separate, and the room has 2 beds, not 1, a program that accepts a Credit card will provide you protection, while cash and check has that risk.

  10. we cannot judge who goes away as many have personal issues, physical issues that prevent them from making a pesach at home. we cannot laugh when another Yid has problems.

  11. Basmelech1..!!!
    Not every couple is fit physically to prepare their home for Pesach and not every one has children who are capable of hosting their parents for 8 days, either they have no room or place where to place them.
    Those people are in need of programs which will cater to them and they have a Oneg Yom Tov .
    Not everyone can say Halyla Hazeh Kiluni Mesubin…some need to leave their home to have eight days of food catered to them…

  12. I don’t like people, but can host pets. Dogs, chickens, rabbits, but no cats, I don’t like cats.
    Non-Gebrochts only.
    PM me.

  13. No one is saying that everyone must do pesach at home. But, if you must do the sedorim and even the whole yom tov at a hotel, take a few minutes and perform the diligence on the sponsors of the program and any prior issues. As noted above by another poster, the sponsors here did have prior issues that should have served as a red flag. Ask your Rav or others you trust if they can recommend a property. As others have noted, it is mindless to pay by cash or check and by now, everyone knows that a CC will assure you options if the sponsor fails to deliver. At some point, if you fail to perform the needed diligence and just throw your money at some internet advertisement, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself if things blow up

  14. Gadolhadorah….!!1
    You make a very strong point , but take notice that a lot of people who travel for Passover are elderly and do not have iPhone or other ways to know the con artist who are running those scams.
    Not every one has children who they should consult with so the nebech rely on their local newspaper or magazines to find a place for Passover.
    Maybe it would be a great idea to establish a Yiddishe rating company who should certify those programs or hotels that they have NO complaints and give then a STAR rating and the heimishe press should NOT accept advertisements only the properties that have a Rating….

  15. There is still a week left to Pesach. Considering what these programs charge, i can imagine it’s possible to hire all the cleaning and cooking help needed to make Pesach at home and still have plenty left over.

  16. A lawyer I knew built his career suing travel agents who botched or scammed customers who prepaid for their trips. I don’t know the facts in this case, but scams happen.

  17. we cant judge people who want to go away for pesach everyone has a good reason
    if you were part of the claridge program and is stuck THE PESACH EXPERIENCE with CHEF FLAM has a few rooms left call 732 995 2624

  18. The amount of hotza’as shem ra on here is stunning. First of all, how do you have time to leave these comments? Get a life. Second: You are taking your life and someone else’s and destroying it with your words. Shame on you. Some of you here need to do some serious Teshuvah before Pesach.
    And to this virtue-signaling about having pesach at home: Would Rav Avigdor Miller ztz”l approve of how and when you are conveying this message? Don’t be a fool. Please delete your comments and think about where you are in life.