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FRIGHTENING REPORT: Swastikas, Hitler Salutes, Violence: Abuse Of Jewish Children In US Schools

The Israeli-American Council (IAC) recently published an extremely disturbing report of an increase in the number of antisemitic incidents against Israel-American students in US schools, Ynet reported.

According to the Council, it receives at least four complaints every week from Jewish parents or student about antisemitic incidents, including verbal abuse, mocking gestures, defacement with swastikas, and violence.

In one especially disturbing incident, a non-verbal Jewish 17-year-old with autism who wears a yarmulke returned from a Las Vegas public school with a swastika carved on his back. Following the IAC’s intervention, the FBI is investigating the suspected hate crime.

Ido, a 14-year-old Israeli-American from Colorado, said: “When I transferred from a Jewish school to a public school, suddenly I began to be exposed to antisemitic incidents directed at me and my friends. A girl I know was called a ‘Holocaust bitch’ and another boy said to me that he would ‘finish what Hitler started.’ A student from my school approached me and told me that I don’t belong in the school and should be expelled because I’m Jewish, and two other students made Nazi salutes and derogatory gestures towards Jews in the school hallway. Swastikas carved in the school have become a daily occurrence.”

An Israeli-American high school student from New Jersey who was afraid to identify herself, said: “A friend and I were talking about a football game and when I joked with him that I was faster or better than him, he started sending me messages that he would kill me like Hitler killed the Jews and that I would escape from him as the Jews fled from the Germans in the Holocaust. The situation was very disturbing.”

“It’s becoming more and more common for Israeli children to be attacked by teachers and students,” said Shoham Nicolet, the founder and CEO of IAC. “History and civics teachers turn to Israeli students and shamelessly ask them: Why is Israel an apartheid state? This happens in high schools and middle schools. It’s also starting to happen in elementary schools, with teachers saying inappropriate things.”

“Seventy-five percent of Israeli-Americans encounter antisemitism in schools. Children are afraid to wear IDF shirts and Magen Dovid jewelry. There is no distinction between Israeli and Jewish – there is hatred and it has become the norm.”

“Children are being humiliated. In the past two years, we have heard horror stories, and half of the children don’t report it to their parents. Parents are afraid to complain for fear of being accused of slander. Our approach is to threaten administrators with the removal of our children. So far, 100% of cases have been handled well and the school receives training on how to deal with antisemitism,” Nicolet concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I don’t see any chidushim here.
    As the saying goes “when we don’t make kiddush, then they make havdolo”.

    My children don’t experience antisemitic attacks in their yeshivas.

    HaShem is sending a clear message that yiddin need to be together with yiddin. The problem is that those who send their kids to public schools are usually not reading so-called jewish news blogs (and definitely not reading the silly comments all of us write).

  2. We must start teaching our children and Bochurom, that all of mankind, adults and children, Yidden and Non-Yidden, are precious in the eyes of the Creator, Hashem Yisborach.

    Our children should see, that we worry about the well-being of every person and we never exclude any person, from our Teffilohs, when we Daven for Refuah Shleimo. We must never exclude Non-Yidden who are R”L not well.

    That will strengthen our empathy and concern for all Human Beings, for Yidden and for Non-Yidden, regardless of what kind of mother they were born to. That will be M’oirer Rachmei Shomayim.

    HKB”H will, Never-Again, instigate any Hatred or Pogroms or Holocausts against us.

  3. this is exactly what happened in france and of course the french embrace diversity as much liberals do in America, liberals destroy everything

  4. The anti Semitic attacks are overwhelmingly by far right maga supporters. And there are Jews who foolishly support their fearful leader.

  5. Why do people hate Jews? A variety of reasons for sure but some of it is the result of the steady stream of chillul Hashem type behavior on the part of many Jews here and in Israel. Unfortunately, I could list many, very visible and shameful stories from the religious and secular communities both here and abroad that are both embarrasing and shameful. I will avoid specifics so as not to start a debate here. What we need more of is Kiddush Hashem actions. We need better relations within our our house and with our non-Jewish friends so that they become stronger supporters and have positive experiences upon which to base their support for us.

  6. We’ve gotten too comfortable in chutz la’aretz.
    When it’s time to go, H’ turns up the heat and reminds us where we belong.

  7. ADER



  8. Just waiting for the inevitable “Quick! Run to Medinat Yisrael! Grab your passports, it is safer in the medina (sic)”. They never fail or maybe because it is Erev Shabbos we can catch a break from these people waiting for an article on this topic to come out of the woodwork.

  9. The democrat party is the party of civility. After 4 years of the white racist Trump, President Biden has ushered in a new aura of peace and love amongst all humans. It’s becoming clear to all that Joe Biden is the second coming.

  10. Shimon
    HKB”h operates through Middoh Kneged Middoh. When the Mitzreim got drowned in the Yam Suf, Pharoh had to understand that it’s because the Mitzreim did exactly that to the Yidden.
    When HKB”H instigates that A should hate B, it’s because B hates A.

  11. You all forgot the chazal “Halacha Eisav sonei es Yaakov” ???

    It is a halacha meaning it is ingrained in their DNA. Nothing to do with Maga or Trump or Democrats or Middah cneged middah or living in chutz laaretz or E”Y. It is and will be such until Moshiach comes and “Lo yisa goi el goi cherev” and “Umalu dayoh es Hashem…”

    Period. Everything else is just hogwash and possibly bordering on Kefirah.

  12. I fully agree that antisemitism was engrained in american culture for centuries, I’ve seen it under Trump and was wondering if people are blind or if it became a norm!

  13. Ader, it is normally against halacha to daven for a non jew, in violation of lo sichanem. See magen avrohom 189:1.

    When a jew has a benefit from the person’s healing, such as if he is an employee and he needs the work, then it is permitted (see chaim v’yad, 33, from rav chaim palagi)

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