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Report: US VP Attacked Judicial Reform After Learning Rothman Was In Audience

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris criticized the Israeli government’s plan for judicial reform after she was informed that one of the plan’s architects, Religious Zionism MK Simcha Rothman, was in the audience, Ynet reported.

The report cited a US source that Rothman was not on the original guest list for the event at the Israeli embassy in Washington celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel.

Following the incident, the embassy issued a statement saying: “Shortly before the event, the Foreign Ministry informed us that MK Rothman contacted them and informed them of his intention to come to Washington and requested to be invited to the embassy event.”

“We regret that the public focus on this event, which brought great honor to the State of Israel, is centered around the question of the presence of Member of Knesset Rothman. The Embassy of Israel is not a political entity and requests not to be drawn into political discussions. It represents the State of Israel with dignity and respects the elected officials of the State of Israel accordingly.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen last week excoriated Harris for her statement, saying that he doesn’t believe that the vice-president read a single clause of the legislation. “I can tell you that if you ask her what actually bothers her about the reform, she won’t be able to answer you,” he said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Aha. It’s a good thing our FIRST Jewish “Second Gentleman”, Doug Emhoff, is leading the battle against anti semitism. He aught to start with his very own deary wife.

  2. It is because the Embassy represents the State of Israel with dignity and respects the elected officials of the State of Israel, that it included a duly elected Member of Knesset on the invitation list. Who would of thought of it doing anything else except witch Harris or any of the anarchists. Just imagine if the suggestion was made, however obliquely, not to invite a visiting Senator to an official US Embassy function in Jerusalem.

    Israeli Foreign

  3. As I would not want or desire an Israeli elected official to side with any political member, party or legislation regarding American politics, so I would not want any American involving themselves in another country’s internal politics or policies–and that goes especially the executive office of the United States—like Harris.

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

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