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KIDDUSH HASHEM: Secular TV Host Dons Tefillin In Response To Incitement

Secular Israeli TV host Shai Golden invited a Chabad rav to help him put on tefillin on a live broadcast on Channel 14 News in response to the recent incitement against Chabad tefillin stands.

Speaking about the video of a woman berating a Chabadnik in Tel Aviv, Golden said: “I want to say to you, you who may see this show and want to mock it, I want to tell you that we, here on Channel 14, are PROUD to be mekadeish Shem Shamayim, PROUD to put on tefillin on the show, PROUD to invite the Rav to speak about this important mitzvah. And if you think it’s strange? Deal with it. The State of Israel is a place for Jews. Deal with it.”

Golden also told about an incident several years ago when he saw a municipal inspector dismantle a Chabad stand while ignoring a stand next to it that sold electronic cigarettes.

Chabad shliach Rav Adi Elefant, who run a tefillin stand on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, said that in response to the incitement, “there are more people putting on tefillin. People tell me: ‘I wouldn’t have put on tefillin but in the wake of the video, I decided to put on.'”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

15 Responses

  1. מי כעמך ישראל!

    No jew will be left behind. The day will come when lapid will put on tefillin in public.

  2. Kol Hakavod.Seh Zadik. He knows its a Jewish state.If more chillonim would respect this Israel could be proud.
    Unfortunately they are even politicians that don’t accept this.They rather would also put a christmas tree
    up instead of a chanukkia

  3. I don’t get it
    Let them put on tefilin in the school sure they buy a couple for every boy bar mitzvah to put on every day
    What’s this kind of commercial

  4. Wow we can learn from chabad what it means to have real ahavas yisroel and unconditional love towards every jew.

  5. That despicable women who told teenagers that it is child abuse for Chabad to lay Tefillin on them without parental consent since physically touching them:- Does she hold it is illegal & child abuse for a teenager to go to a barber without their parents? since barber touches their head when giving haircut.

  6. @.
    “What’s this kind of commercial”

    Unfortunately, many people’s lives are strongly affected by what they see as pop culture the way it’s displayed by the media and TV.

    If something is done on live TV, they consider it important. If it’s done in shul, they overlook it as boring and old-fashioned r”l.

    The time has come for TV to broadcast less pritzus and garbage, and instead be used to pupularize yiddishkeit in people’s lives.

  7. You don’t get it:

    Doing it commercial:

    וראו ״כל״ עמי הארץ כי שם השם נקרא עליך ויראו ממך.


  8. One hast to wonder, what Zechus does this woman have that so many Yidden put on Tefillin due to her actions.

  9. Wow, and what does the coffee room have to say about a Lubavitcher doing this? Did the news anchor ever perform the mitzvah if Tefillin?

  10. After reading the account it brought simcha to my neshama that the pintele yid shines and surely Hashem has nachas. The incident with the women brought out the Jew in this person. We are battling Erev Rav it is so clear from this incident. The Kiddush Hashem took place during the 3 weeks. We should take note of that.

  11. this is bittersweet:
    the positive first:
    on the one hand, this is the Jewish neshama’s fink that can never be blown out.
    You could see the sincerity in his eyes.
    on the other side, it is a sad outcome (the whole situation) of zionism generally, and israel specifically.
    They shmaded all of them/ Israel was created as an antidote (sic) to Judaism. these are the ones that israel treated like muck, and they are the ones calling themselves proud israeli’s. they are so mixed up. they don’t know what yes what not.
    Yes they have their nekuda tovah, they mean good, but look how their form of Judaism is so twisted and mucked up!

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