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Report: Hizbullah Armed with Anti-Aircraft Missiles

aar.gifSyria has furnished Hizbullah with anti-aircraft missiles to be used against Israel Air Force planes according to a report published in the Sunday Times. The late senior Syrian advisor to the President Assad, General Muhammad Suleiman, who was recently assassinated, furnished the terrorist organization with the advanced equipment. Suleiman was killed by sniper fire as he sat in his home, reportedly for “knowing too much” Israel’s Channel 1 News reported last week.

According to the experts, the SA-8 anti-aircraft system may indeed create new realities for the IAF, but air force officials recently stated that while the system may present new realities, “to every problem there is a solution.”

While Jerusalem’s formal statement last week denied any culpability in the assassination, Jerusalem stated no tears are being shed over the killing of Suleiman.

Israel continues to monitor events in Damascus and southern Lebanon as the northern border remains a high defense priority. This is coupled with the growing threat of the ongoing Iranian nuclear program. In addition, relations between Damascus and Tehran are reportedly strained due to ongoing indirect talks between Syria and Israel, a move which Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has strongly opposed.

For the time being, Iran and Syria do agree on one thing however, the continuing arms train to Hizbullah, to be used against Israel, the common foe.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. We are in dire need of compassion from above, the last few years has shown increased hatred for Jews and Israel, with the degree of brutality towards Jews on the rise.

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