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DEATH TOLL RISES TO 30: IDF Announces Death Of Soldier Yonatan Maimon HY”D

The IDF on Sunday announced the death of Sgt. Yonatan Maimon, H’yd, 20, from Ofakim, who was killed on Shabbos in the northern Gaza Strip, raising the total number of soldiers killed in Gaza to 30.

Additionally, a Nachal Brigade soldier and a reserve officer in the armored corps were seriously injured in combat in Gaza on Motzei Shabbos.

The total number of soldiers killed since the start of the IDF’s ground incursion into Gaza is 30.

– Maj. Yehuda Natan Cohen, of Shadmot Mechola
– Master Sgt. Lior Arazi, of Givat Chaim-Ichud.
– Staff Sgt. Yonadav Raz Levenstein, of Ma’ale Adumim.
– Staff Sgt. Gilad Nechemia Nitzan, of Shilo.
– Sgt. First Class (res.) Yedidya Eliyahu, of Karnei Shomron.
– Staff Sergeant Itai Sa’adon, of Har Halutz.
– Captain Beni Wais, of Haifa.
– Major (res.) Uriah Mash, of Telamon.
– Major (res.) Yehonatan Yosef Brand, of Jerusalem.
– Maj. Gen. Gil Pishitz HY”D.
– Yair Nifousy HY”D from Adi.
– Lt. Col. Salman Habaka, of Druze village of Yanuh-Jat
– Lieutenant (res.) Yuval Zilber, H’yd, of Ramat Gan,
– Sgt. First Class Shalev Zion Sharabi, of Matna Omer
– Staff Sergeant Roei Wolf of Ramat Gan
– Staff Sergeant Lavi Lipschitz of Modiin
– Staff Sgt. Itai Yehuda, HY’d, of Rishon L’Tzion
– Staff Sgt. Shay Arvas, H’yd, of Holon.
– 2nd Lt. Pedayah Mark, H’yd, from the yishuv of Otniel in the Shomron
– 2nd Lt. Roi Sargosti, H’yd of Ramat Hanegev
– Lt. Ariel Reich, 24, from Jerusalem
– Cpl. Asif Luger, 21, from Yagur
– Sgt. Adi Danan, from Yavne
– Staff Sgt. Hallel Solomon, 20, from Dimona
– Staff Sgt. Erez Mishlovsky, 20, from Oranit
– Staff Sgt. Adi Leon, 20, from Nili
– Cpl. Ido Ovadia, 19, from Tel Aviv
– Cpl. Lior Siminovich, 19, from Herzliya
– Staff Sgt. Roei Dawi, 20, from Jerusalem.

The total number of soldiers killed since Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7th is now 346.

Hashem Yinkom Damam…

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. yeah how many more soldiers are gonna have 2 be killed 1000 more until they have decided that enough is enough or maybe that won’t even happen at all because they have finally decided that it’s about the right time to maybe finish off what hitler yh had started and cv kill all the jews 4 once and 4 all

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