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VIDEO EVIDENCE: IDF Reveals Tunnel Shaft To Hamas Complex Beneath Shifa Hospital

The Israel Defense Forces on Thursday revealed video evidence of a Hamas tunnel shaft heading to an underground command center at al-Shifa Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

The IDF did not say whether its troops have yet attempted to enter the likely booby-trapped tunnels as they continue their cautiously advancing operations at the hospital complex.

They added, however, that they also discovered a booby-trapped vehicle laden with weapons and explosives, weapons inside other Gaza hospitals, as well as a tunnel beneath the al-Rantisi hospital.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari also discussed the recovery of a deceased hostage, Yehudit Weiss hy”d, near the hospital, stating, “Yehudit was murdered in the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, we did not reach her in time.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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