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WATCH: Mark Levin Accuses Biden Of “Siding With Hamas” And “Stabbing Israel In The Back”

Fox News host Mark Levin sharply criticized President Joe Biden’s approach towards Israel, accusing him of betraying the Jewish nation in favor of Hamas. Levin’s Sunday night broadcast was marked by a vehement condemnation of the current administration’s policies in the Middle East, contrasting them with the actions of former President Donald Trump.

Levin highlighted Trump’s support for Israel, citing the Abraham Accords and his aggressive stance towards Iran as evidence of his commitment to Israel as an ally. The host then turned his critique towards President Biden, claiming that the current administration is seeking to weaken Israel while empowering Iran.

Levin alleged that the Biden administration has re-armed Iran and neglected to uphold the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program set by Trump. He said, “They have to empower Iran. Iran’s economy needs to be strong while they weaken Israel. While they begin the process of controlling Israel, quote unquote, demilitarizing Israel,” stressing his belief that the Biden administration perceives Israel as the main problem in the Middle East.

Levin also accused Secretary of State Antony Blinken and President Biden of sabotaging the efforts of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

“They are undermining, sabotaging Israel and the Netanyahu government,” Levin said. “They don’t want them to win against Hamas. In fact, they’re siding with Hamas! They won’t say it openly. Openly, they have what they call the big hug. See we’re with Israel. Well, as I said last night, they’re stabbing them in the back.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. Does he really believe when Trump’s Jew-hating, white power supremacists come after a Jew, they will make a special exemption for rightwing MAGA apologists

  2. the man doesnt know the meaning of hakoras hatov. biden has sent tons and tons and tons and tons of armaments to israel. even visited israel at the very start of the war, to give it chizzuk.
    and he spews this hatred . Feh !

  3. Techies refuses shlaima gratitude to Biden? For helping Iran? For welcoming the plo back into the fold you are a sick minded liberal jew during trumps presidency he put Hamas and the plo in the closet and refused to bend to their intimidation

  4. Levin understands that Biden is propping up Iran, is trying to limit Israel’s options in fighting Hamas, has apologized for disbelieving Hamas’ inflated claims of “innocent Palestinian” casualties. Levin understands that Biden is a two-faced idiot and that the U.S. – and Israel – would be much better off with a Trump administration.

  5. Gadolhadorah, I’ll let you know when I find one of these folks finally. But, It’s sad that the NYTimes has so much clout, it can fabricate Trump into a racists to be accepted by racists who don’t even read the newspaper or like the newspaper. That’s how far the diseased mind can go.

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