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TERROR IN THE SKIES: Passenger On El Al Flight Attempts To Breach Cockpit Door Midflight

An El Al flight heading from the Czech capital of Prague to Israel was forced to make an emergency landing in Thessaloniki, Greece, after a passenger reportedly tried breaking into the cockpit.

El Al released a statement confirming that flight LY2522 had to make an unscheduled landing in Greece due to the disruptive behavior of a passenger on board. The airline said that the situation was being managed in collaboration with local authorities.

According to the N12 news outlet, security personnel onboard the flight placed the passenger, described as an Arab, in handcuffs after he attempted to breach the cockpit doors. after an alleged attempt to breach the cockpit. Upon landing in Thessaloniki, the passenger was escorted off the aircraft by local security services.

Passengers aboard the diverted flight experienced a delay as the situation was resolved, with the aircraft later continuing its journey to Israel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Considering how much they scrutinize the Arabs before allowing them on an ElAl plane. The guy is lucky he made it through security. You just about get a cavity check in all your cavities we’ll just say if you’re Arab.

  2. Time for El Al to banish all Arabs from all their flight like all Arab workers have now been banished from crossing over into Israel.
    Furthermore, this wicked Arab needs to be banned by all airlines from ever flying again.

  3. “Time for El Al to banish all Arabs from all their flights”

    Brilliant suggestion given that 15-20 percent of the citizens of Israel are “arab” (depending on how the term is defined.

  4. time to banish all Arabs from all of our sites……period… may be an angel and that doesn’t stop them from being harmed or harassed by their own and being held hostage, give my land back…please,….I don’t want to share any part of my life with evil or anything close to it…save our land

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