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HEART-WRENCHING: Audio Released Of 3 Hostages Shouting For Help Before Being Mistakenly Killed By IDF

A heart-wrenching recording has been released, revealing the desperate cries for help from three Israeli hostages, Alon Shamriz, Yotam Haim, and Samar Talalka, who were later killed by IDF troops in a tragic case of mistaken identity.

The recording, captured by a GoPro camera on a military dog, features Shamriz’s voice, loud and clear, pleading for help amidst the sound of gunfire. “Help! Hostages Alon and Yotam. Help!” his voice clearly cries out.

“Help. We are by the stairs, under the stairs. Under the stairs,” Shamriz is heard shouting. “Please help.”

The three hostages had managed to escape their captors and were trying to alert soldiers nearby, but their cries for help were mistakenly believed to be a ploy by Hamas to lure troops into an ambush. Tragically, IDF troops killed the three hostages several days later as they approached them for help, with the soldiers believing they were Hamas terrorists before realizing their awful mistake.

The IDF says it believes the hostages had fled from their captors or were abandoned by the terrorists guarding them as IDF forces closed in, noting that troops had not encountered any civilians for quite some time, leading them to believe the three men were terrorists.

The recording was released by the Kan public broadcaster on Sunday, with the approval of Alon Shamriz’s father, Avi. However, Alon’s brother expressed outrage that the family was not notified of the recording’s release, stating that their mother had declined to listen to it, knowing she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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