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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Leftists Protest Outside Homes Of Gedolei HaDor, Slabodka Yeshivah

Leftists held a previously unannounced protest outside Yeshivas Slabodka and near the home of its Roshei HaYeshivah, HaGaon HaRav Dov Landau and HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, in Bnei Brak on Tuesday morning while Shacharis was being held.

The protesters, who claimed they were protesting against the Chareidi draft law currently being formulated by the coalition, made a ruckus with horns and shouts, yelling slogans such as: “We won’t agree to a government of draft-dodgers” and “recruitment for everyone.”

Police forces called to the scene distanced the protesters from the entrance to the yeshivah and prevented clashes at the scene.

A Knesset discussion on the Chareidi draft law was originally scheduled for Tuesday at noon but was pushed off due to the opposition of Aguduas Yisrael MKs to the law.

This is not the first time that leftists protested outside the home of Gedolei HaDor. Last May, a protest took place next to Ponevezh Yeshivah and the home of HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein, z’tl, which spurred the Chareidi boycott of Angel Bakery as one of the protesters was former Labor politician Omer-Bar Lev, who was appointed as the chairman of the board of directors of Angel Bakery after the Bennett-Lapid government collapsed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It’s mighty uncomfortable, and sad.
    But ultimately it’s okay, because the geula is unfolding, and in the process, the eruv rav has to out itself. And this isn’t only here, it’s worldwide, with all the Jewish students who lie on the steps of buildings and do die-ins and sing Palestinian songs. Hashem yishmor, but again those who figure out that they have to do teshuva will iyH quickly filter themselves out, and the rest are eruv rav and they’ve been filtered out.

  2. Now that we are holding by Bein Hazemanim, it’s a great opportunity for Yeshiva Bochurim to volunteer for either National Service or the IDF. That way, the Leftists won’t have a “pischoin peh” to tayna against Bnei Toirah.

  3. Dr E.
    Yeshiva Bochrim should listen to their rebbe and Rosh yeshiva who should guide them on how to utilize Bain hazmanim.

    The army doesn’t need them, in fact it sent home most of the reserves, because it never intended on doing what’s needed to WIN the war. They followed liberal ideology, unfortunately many soldiers paid with their lives. Because it was more important to the army to follow the USA RECOMMENDATIONS than to fight in away that will keep the soldiers from harms way…
    Blood boiling!!!

    I believe the non religious Jews should also stay away from the Army, an army who has no issues sending their children to harms way so not to anger the liberal media is not a place that anyone should send their precious children

  4. Dr. E
    Pischon peh? We should always do what’s right because we believe in it not because of others. In the yeshiva of my kehilla, there is mandatory learning Seder almost up to Pesach for some hours. Bochrim are expected to use their free time to help at home as much as possible. It’s policy, at least!

    Why shouldn’t this be in Israel? The roshei yeshivah need (in my humble opinion), to give shmuzin about this and the hanhalah, to demand Seder for a couple of hours too…

    I’m dan lekaf zechus but when I see that my Rebbe will stop a bochur to ask him if he’s doing Seder, the answer better be, yes, I believe it can be done elsewhere too! When I was a bochur, I enjoyed the free time and had no Seder but is this correct? Did I really put in hours to help at home? Chol hamoad: shouldn’t there be even more hours than before prep for chag?

    I’m not in chinuch and appreciate if someone can help me be Dan more lekaf zechus. Thanks.

  5. In my neighborhood, the batei medrash are filled each morning with avreichim and yeshiva boys in yeshivas bein hazmanim. In the afternoon, they are Pesach cleaning.
    Dr. E – FYI, Roshei Yeshiva will not encourage boys to volunteer in the IDF or sheirut leumi. These bodies do NOT want to cater to chareidi needs of mehadrin food (and army kitchens), or even to dati soldiers’ needs either, forcing them to listen to female singing and disciplining those who walked out because they ruin the unit’s spirit of unity by their lack of participation. Including females in the male soldiers’ environment in various ways is the army’s unholy duty because the intention from Ben Gurion and on is to use the army as a means to secularize young, impressionable men and they have enjoyed quite a degree of success. Have you checked the drop-out rate among the dati-leumi population? It’s not insignificant and it more often than not happens during army service.
    The secular establishment is afraid of the high birthrate in religious populations and eventually losing their electoral majority because with 2 kids and a dog – and the dog not yet having voting right – they are facing a losing proposition.
    They have many different tactics – the army is only one of them. Another (thanks to Bibi who is also afraid of a religious majority) is to cut the income of chareidi households by slashing benefits such as guaranteed income (a stipend for low-income families) and child allowance down to a pittance. This has proven to be effective in cutting the chareidi birthrate – not down to 2 children but certainly lower than in the previous generation – because women are forced to work longer hours at more demanding, higher-paying jobs and are hard-pressed to find the time and patience to raise large famlies. The stress has definitely affected family size.
    So, Dr. E., the chareidi public has always, and will continue to, find many ways of contributing to society in addition to their #1 contribution of upholding the world through their limud haTorah, volunteering at the many chessed organizations run by chareidim, bikkur cholim second to none, innovative gemachim (most of them not money – they provide a vast variety of needs beyond your imagination).
    So if you want to perpetuate the falsehood of chareidim not contributing, no one can stop you. But do drop the expecation of their volunteering or serving in secular frameworks under secular auspices because it won’t happen.

  6. So sad. Last time these protests happened there was such a lack of achus- until October 7th. And now we’re back at square one.

    I do have to say that these comments are inappropriate. How can you call tinokos shenishbu ‘amalek’? Before bashing them, just realize that as frum Jews our actions (i.e. lashon hara, sinas chinam between communities) is a lot worse in Hashem’s eyes than these protests which are really fueled by the perverted chinuch they received.

  7. Why is this OK? Why are charedim prohibited and vilified from the slightest demonstration, but these guys go to our revered rabbis and disrespect them and noone says a word.

  8. The justification in the protestors’s minds is that the Rabbanim have taken a position on a political issue – so the Rabbanim are legitimate targets for political protests. The Chareidi community, on the other hand, views revered Rabbanim as operating al pi daas Torah, and therefore above politics – and these protests are therefore seen by Chareidim as the hight of Chtzpa and an attempt to be Mevazeh the Torah, C”V.

    This is only an attempt to explain perspectives – not to justify or condemn them.

    an Israeli Yid

  9. Sadly, the Frum Oilam is making a huge חילול השם by telling the rest of the Yidden that we are better than you and we don’t need to help out in any way shape or form. This is a very bad policy and will only hurt our casue. Very shortsighted and self centered.

  10. doom777, what are you talking about? Charedim are not “prohibited and vilified from the slightest demonstration”. On the contrary they are permitted to demonstrate to their hearts’ content, as befits a free country. They are prohibited from engaging in violence, vandalism, or blocking traffic, just like anyone else.

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