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Gov’t To Submit Response After A-G Demands Draft Of All Bochurim, Halt Of Funding To Yeshivos

Minutes before midnight, the Israeli government requested a half-day extension to respond to the Supreme Court regarding its demand to recruit all yeshivah bochurim to the army.  The response was originally due to be submitted at 2 p.m. but at the last minute, the government requested a two-hour extension, until 4 p.m.

The request followed an unprecedented response to the Supreme Court by Attorney-General Gali Baharav-Miara on Wednesday evening demanding that all yeshivah bochurim be recruited as of Monday morning, April 1, when a government resolution legalizing the status of yeshivah bochurim expires.

However, as Baharav-Miara states in her response, since it is not feasible to recruit thousands of yeshivah bochurim without extensive preparations – she intends to freeze all funds to yeshivos. But, in her great generosity, she states that “it is reasonable” to allow a “short preparation period” for the yeshivos to adjust to the new situation.

The official role of Baharav-Miara, a left-wing figure who was not elected to her position by the public, is to support the government, but as she did with the judicial reform, she is once again working against the government and creating an unprecedented crisis amid a war and doing her utmost to bring down the government.

Meanwhile, the Ichud HaYeshivos responded to the Supreme Court regarding its demand to recruit yeshivah bochurim in a lengthy 70-page response. One of the points it states is that “the Supreme Court’s decision to recruit bnei hayeshivos is selective and discriminatory since there is no equivocal decision for Arabs, Muslims, and Christians whose exemption is included in that of bnei yeshivos.”

However, according to Channel 12 News, the Attorney-General’s legal position is that the validity of the previous exemption law, which expired at the end of June 2023, can be extended at the most for one year – until the end of June 2024, which means that the government can “buy itself” another three months to resolve the issue.

The Attorney-General’s response to the Supreme Court demanding the recruitment of bnei yeshivos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

8 Responses

  1. I wish they didn’t start this during the war, when we are trying to be more together.
    Nonetheless, if my understanding of the situation as accurate, despite good motives, an attack on learning Torah is an attack on our religion, and cannot be tolerated.

  2. The Zionists show their true agenda. The Medinah is fighting for its life, and will likely be totally without useful allies (the writing is on the wall that the United States will be neutral or hostile if the Democrats win, and friendly buy uninvolved if the Republicans win) while fighting a coalition that is better armed and with vastly great resources (including all the Muslims countries, as well as the Sino-Russian Axis) and what is the one thing the Zionists focus on: winning their battle to be a nation free from the yoke of Torah.

  3. It is not the responsibility of the AG or the Supreme Court to intervene or decide this question — their nosiness is ultra vires. The government should ignore them and decide not to draft the yeshiva bochurim.

  4. She won’t win anyway! The Rosh Yeshivos won’t allow bocherim to enlist. You can’t put thousands of bocherim in prison! She can bang her head on the wall but will only achieve the title “Wicked one”!

  5. How low do you have to be to sneak this in while Israelis occupied with a war??? May HaKadosh Baruch Hu strike the enemy from within down and send a yeshua to the Bnei Torah!

  6. They so don’t believe in G d that they dont even need anyone to daven or learn in their stead.
    Its a sad state of affairs. The holy Satmar Rebbe Zatzal was right. He had forseen the calamity of Zionism. You dont cave. You dont negotiate with them. You cant pick or choose. They hate everything related to Jewishness. They play you to get voted in.
    We all know their ugly faces. Its sad, but nothing new about anything.

  7. akuperma:
    The Zionists said it many decades ago: better Zionism without a State than a State without Zionism. That’s part of the idolatry. As the Zionists amply demonstrated during WW II, like when the Zionists lobbied governments against allowing in Jews who were trying to escape from being sent to Hitler’s ovens, in the Zionist faith, Zionism is above all else.

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