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Israeli Forces Strike 80 Terror Targets in Gaza Strip In Past 24 Hours [VIDEOS]

The IDF and the Shin Bet have intensified their operations against terrorist infrastructure and operatives across the Gaza Strip, including targeted strikes at the Shifa Hospital.

In a relentless pursuit of precision, the IDF is conducting operational activities in the vicinity of Shifa Hospital while prioritizing the safety of civilians, patients, and medical staff. Recent operations have resulted in the elimination of terrorists engaged in close-quarters combat within the hospital’s vicinity, along with the discovery of weapons caches in the area.

In the northern Gaza Strip, IDF airstrikes targeted compounds used for launching anti-tank missiles and sniper operations in the Rimal area. These strikes resulted in the elimination of a terrorist responsible for attacks against Israeli troops.

Additionally, IDF troops have been actively engaged in the central Gaza Strip, where they have neutralized over 15 terrorists in the past day alone. One operation saw an IDF fighter jet striking and eliminating a terrorist cell attempting to approach a military compound, while another incident involved precise sniper fire to eliminate a terrorist cell nearing IDF soldiers.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has been pivotal in conducting airstrikes on approximately 80 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip. These targets include military compounds housing Hamas terrorists and other infrastructure crucial to terrorist operations.

Furthermore, ground troops, supported by IAF forces, have targeted terrorists in the southern Gaza Strip, particularly in the Al Amal area. Several terrorist infrastructure sites, including launch sites targeting IDF troops, have been dismantled. In separate actions, precise sniper fire and mortar shell launches have neutralized approximately 15 terrorists, while weapons caches containing grenades and military equipment have been uncovered in the area.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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