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FEARS OF KIDNAPPING: Massive Search Underway In Binyamin For Missing 14-Year-Old Boy [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

A massive search operation is underway in the Binyamin area for 14-year-old Binyamin Ahimeir, a Jewish shepherd who went missing earlier today. Ahimeir was last seen leaving his village, Malachei HaShalom, at 6 am to tend to his flock, but the sheep returned without him later in the day.

IDF soldiers, Border Police, trackers, Unit 636, dog handlers, and special forces are participating in the search, with aerial reconnaissance providing assistance. The operation is being led by Binyamin Brigade Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Liron Biton.

Sources tell YWN that officials fear that Binyamin may have been kidnapped or murdered by Palestinian terrorists, though they have no conclusive evidence to corroborate their suspicions.

The regional council has urged the public not to volunteer for the search, as the area is already saturated with searchers. However, large numbers of civilians have been reported entering nearby Palestinian cities, leading to violent clashes with residents.

The Ahimeir family has claimed that they received warnings of potential terrorist activity in the area over the past month, although the Israel Security Agency (ISA) has not confirmed whether the incident is terror-related. The IDF has closed off nearby Palestinian towns as a precautionary measure.

Binyamin’s mother put out a video statement on Friday afternoon requesting that people be Mekabel a Mitzvah upon themselves in the Zechus of finding her son alive and in good condition.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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