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50% Of Ballistic Missiles Fired By Iran Failed To Launch Or Crashed On The Way

About 50% of Iran’s ballistic missiles failed to launch or crashed during flight before getting intercepted or reaching Israel, US officials told the Wall Street Journal.

Nine ballistic missiles out of 130 breached Israel’s air defense system and hit two of Israel’s air bases, but no significant damage was reported, a senior US official told ABC News.

Five ballistic missiles hit Nevatim Airbase, causing only minor damage to a C-130 transport plane, an unused runway and empty storage facilities. All of the drones and cruise missiles launched by Iran were shot down on the way, with none even reaching Israeli airspace.

The scope of the Iranian attack was among the largest in modern warfare and the damage could have been catastrophic, with Iran launching over 60 tons of explosives carried on 170 drones, 120 ballistic missiles, and 30 cruise missiles.

Hodu L’Hashem Ki Tov!

A missile that exploded in Shiraz, Iran, damaging a home.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. That’s precisely, why we need to Z’chus Hatorah to protect us – no amount of IDF with or without US and other foreign defenses can give us this sort of protection!

  2. Someone is being economical with the truth here. The Israeli spokesman Mr. Hagari said that in total, Iran launched more than 300 projectiles at Israel, comprising 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles, and that 99% of them had been intercepted by air defenses. That is a total of 320 projectiles. 1% of that is 3 projectiles. A senior US official told ABC News that at least nine Iranian missiles breached Israel’s air defense system and hit two of Israel’s air bases. That is at least 3% of the total or, three times as many as the Israelis say, but 6% of the missiles and at least five of them hit their targets, two of Israel’s air bases. The likelihood is also that these were the most dangerous of the things the Iranians lobbed, i.e. their ballistic missiles. There is no independent verification of the Israeli claim that the missiles that the coalition was unable to intercept only caused minor damage. If the simple sums are wrong why should outsiders believe the minor damage claim? Disabling 94% of the missiles and all the drones is still a very impressive achievement but it is not the same as 99%.

  3. Jerusalem observer, why is the statement of a US official to ABC News considered more credible than statements from Israeli officials? At most, it creates a sofek about the accuracy of the numbers reported, but the accuracy of anything you see reported in the news should always be considered a sofek anyway. What’s not a sofek is that HKB”H made nissim for k’lal Yisroel on motzaei Shabbos – whether it was 96% or 99% intercepted, and whether the damage at the air base was minor or not, there were no mass casualties or widespread destruction like the resha’im in Iran had hoped to see, as made evident by the massive scale of their attack.

  4. Talk about the writing on the wall, rather the writing in the sky. Hashem in His rachmanuyt performs open miracles for the world to witness. ; we must all do teshuva and be deserving of the ultimate salvation b’karov mamash !!

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