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NO ESCALATION: Iranian Officials Downplay Scale Of IDF Attack, Suggest They Won’t Respond

Iranian officials say that they have no plans for immediate retaliation against Israel, following the IDF’s attack on Isfahan. A senior Iranian official is quoted as saying, “The foreign source of the incident has not been confirmed… We have not received any external attack, and the discussion leans more toward infiltration than attack.”

Despite comments from some Israeli politicians seemingly accepting responsibility for the attack, Iranian officials have been purposely making believe Israel may have not been behind the attack – suggesting that Tehran may be seeking to avoid escalating tensions and risking full-blown war.

In Israel, authorities have remained officially mum, but some politicians and former officials have spoken out about the strike. National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir tweeted a single word, “Weak!” which was met with criticism from opposition leaders.

According to Israeli officials, the strike was intended to signal to Iran that Israel has the ability to reach Iran with its weapons. However, the response was tempered by international pressure to avoid further escalation.

Former national security adviser Eyal Hulata stated, “It’s important Iran understand that when it acts against us, we have the ability to strike any point and we can do enormous damage… We have a capable air force and the US on our side.”

As former national security adviser Ephraim Halevy noted, “It’s too early to say that it’s over… But there’s a difference between the Iranian attack and the Israeli response, which is intended to send a message and not result in widespread and significant damage.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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