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GOOD RIDDANCE: Hezbollah Commander Eliminated In IDF Airstrike On Vehicle In Southern Lebanon

Hezbollah announced early Wednesday that one of its commanders, Hussein Ibrahim Makki, was killed in fighting with Israel, following an alleged Israeli airstrike on a car in southern Lebanon’s Tyre. Makki, a resident of the southern Lebanese town of Beit Yahoun, was in his mid-50s.

According to Lebanese security sources, the airstrike targeted one of the terror group’s field commanders. Emergency responders reported that two others were wounded in the strike.

Hezbollah’s statement did not disclose Makki’s rank or role within the terrorist organization.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Is this the toasted terror commander as the one who was turned to toast last week on a Lebanese hiway? Two toasts are better than one!

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