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EPIC VIDEOS: Charedi Protestors Riot, Call Police ‘Nazis’ At Anti-Draft Protest In Yerushalayim

A small group of Charedi protesters blocked the intersection of Sarei Yisrael and Yaffa streets in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, demonstrating against the proposed law on the conscription of yeshiva bochurim. Police used force, including horses and water cannons, to disperse the protestors.

Jerusalem Police reported, “After dispersing the rioters, the intersection was reopened to vehicular traffic, and the light rail service resumed normal operations. For the past two and a half hours, officers have been working to disperse the disorder at the site, where dozens of rioters unlawfully blocked the road and the light rail route, disrupted public order, irresponsibly used small children, and endangered themselves and other road users. Some even went under the train and vehicles, and some called the officers ‘Nazis.’ After ignoring police orders and the dispersal orders from a police officer declaring an illegal assembly, the police acted to disperse the rioters using force and other means.”

During the unrest, several objects were thrown at the officers. Additionally, two rioters were arrested at the scene for disturbing the peace and were taken for police questioning.

Police added, “The Israel Police will continue to allow freedom of protest within the bounds of the law but will act against public disorder, endangering road users, and other unlawful actions that harm the freedom of movement for the broader public.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. While their countrymen risk their lives in Gaza to protect the country and attempt to rescue hostages, these people act like clowns in the street. How disappointing.

  2. The guy in the last video could use a good massage shower head. He’s like: aaah refreshing!
    Seems like protesters are getting older.

  3. Janice you’re blind. I live next to IDF school. I dropped off hundred of ts with tzitzis for soldiers. Daven head covering. These children too became what the world calls setttlers their not. Hashem wants only shine. Some don’t like Shaked

  4. If you were privy to the extent which Israel police in general despise yiddishkeit you would not have any issue with anyone calling them nazis

    Do you have an issue with Jews who proactively tried to rip away immigrants to Israel from yiddishkeit and succeeded, being called nazis. If you do, than perhaps you are epic

  5. Baruch Hashem chareidim are not allowing themselves to be used as Cannon fodder and playthings for the cynical and murderous Israeli politicians’ frivolous personal power struggles.

    צ”בא ה”פקרה ל”דם יהודי would be a terrible joke if the consequences were not so serious

  6. They should arrest them and their “Rabbinic” leadership – with such leadership held in solitary confinement with no outside communication. There is the concept of.a.Zaken Mamreh that seems to apply to these “leaders” – and they should be treated as the inciters they are.

    an Israeli Yid

  7. Beshilton hakofrim ein anu maaminim, eyn anu maaminim

    Ubemilchateihem eyn anu mishtatfim, eyn anu mishtatfim

    Bederech Hatorah neileich, baesh u’bamayim..

  8. anIsraeliZionist:
    The Zionists are the biggest mamrim on the planet, yet you apply “zakeim mamre” against these protesters. Zionism is a hopeless and utterly pathetic idol.

  9. @Hanoch,
    maybe tjose that break the torah are your countrymen, but they are not the countrymen who denounce anyone that associates himself with the haters of Hashem, as David Hamelech said, “those who hate you Hashem, I hate”.


    You and your mizrachi lunatics are the only one that are good candidates for your “verdict”, that is why the Munkatcher Rav wrote about a. y. k ym”sh that he was the epitome of evil, and openly time and again adds the words yemach shemo, just like the Satmar Rav did, who also paskened in Shut Divrei Yoel siman 131-132 that his books should be burned as the din is with a sefer torah shekatav al yedei min, and like the Chafetz Chayim shouted about him kook shmook drook, an apikores! (when someone showed him a newspaper that reported the crazy idea that he invented that non frum, hashem hating esavniks playing football in Eretz Yisrael has the loftiness of tikun chatzot ch”v), or Rav Y. C. Zonnenfeld who made a ta’anit to be held on the day a.y.k. opened the ra’a-banut.

    Yes those are the zaken mamreh.
    Those who think they can refurbish Judaism to fit their warped hegelian originating hybrid Judaism are the ones that deserve what you describe (maybe worse).

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