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Hamas Threatens U.S. Military With Casualties Or Taken Hostage [SEE THE VIDEO]

In a June 9, 2024 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hezbollah-Lebanon), Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan discussed the American presence in the Gaza Strip, and issued a bold threat to the United States. He stated that America is cooperating with Israel in Gaza. Hamdan further mentioned that any force present in the Gaza Strip would be treated the same as the Israeli army. He emphasized that it is natural for such a force (the United States Military) to face casualties and have their soldiers taken hostage.

Osama Hamdan: “Early on, we said that the U.S. participated [in the Israeli hostage rescue operation]. We also said that any force on the ground in Gaza that supports the occupation forces would be treated as occupation forces. It will be treated the same as the occupation army.

“If the [U.S.] forces participate in any confrontation, it is only natural that some of them will be killed or taken captive. We will not distinguish between the occupation army, or any other force that is engaged in combat.

“Regarding the floating pier that was installed – it is only natural that all forces of the resistance are calling for a reevaluation of its role and its management, since it was announced that it had been used in the Nuseirat massacre.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This savage might not realize that, unlike the Zionists who are constrained by world dictates, the USA wouldn’t hesitate to send them back to the 7th century if it felt like doing so.

  2. The guy openly threatens the USA. Time to eliminate him. Let’s see if Biden has the guts to do the right thing. Nusseirat massacre? If you take hostages, hide them in civilians homes and try resist their rescue with massive gun and RPG fire, you are guilty of kidnap and murder, and the rescuers are not committing a massacre! Flatten Gaza now.

  3. I like how he says “it’s only natural” that these animals would kidnap and kill. It’s only natural for bloodthirsty monsters like Hamas, not to civilized people.

  4. That’s as much as הכרת הטוב they have for forcing Israel to bring in humanitarian aid and doing so with the floating pier.
    But for Hamas all Gazan’s civilians can die from hunger as long they can rule.

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