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Israel: Hotel Con Artist in Custody

mishtara21.jpg23-year-old Pierre Rofeh targeted guests in the higher-end hotels, including Jerusalem’s King David Hotel. According to police, Pierre would dial a room number of the lobby internal phone, telling the guest he is calling from the front desk, explaining their credit card information was accidentally deleted from the hotel computer. The guest then willingly begins presenting credit card information, which police report Pierre used for his shopping sprees as well as to check himself into hotels.

Rofeh was arraigned earlier this week in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court where the court ordered him held in custody for 24 hours. Police say he has a record of similar crimes. Rofeh insists he is innocent.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. meshugenah!
    Never give out your credit card information. Ask that you call back or go to the front desk etc!

    I once got an email from our bank and it looked totally legitamate to my husband and I (a bit naive :-\). The email stated that we need to email back our user name and password to the online account or our account would be cancelled shortly!

    BH, we have norton which did not allow us to reply/go to the link. I don’t remember. Anyway, we emailed the bank and got a reply that it’s a fraud with a whole list of things to look out for to see if something is a scam or not.

    It was really scary!

  2. BEWARE!!! There are MANY internet scams like this where you are sent requests from sites that look EXACTLY like the website of your bank or credit card card company or utility company, etc., saying your account is about to be closed, disconnected, etc. – if you don’t immediately “re-confirm” your account info, i.e. soc. security #, bank account info, credit card info, etc.. DON’T DO IT!!! CALL your bank, or CC company, or whomever (and NOT at the bogus phone number they may have given on the bogus email u just got) and ask them if they sent the email to you. 9 times out of 8, they did NOT!!!

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