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Rav Kanievsky Shlita: The Victims Atoned for Am Yisrael

k1.jpgWhile we do not attempt to understand the way of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, we do seek to understand events such as the Mumbai terror in the hope of understanding what we must do, what we must take away from such incidents.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita on motzei Shabbos was asked how could such an event have occurred when we know that a shaliach mitzvah is protected, and in this case, Rav Holtzman and his wife were shlichim, as were Rav Aryeh Leibish Teitlebaum and R’ Bentzion Chroman.

Rav Kanievsky pulled out a Gemara Shabbos and explained that the Tzaddikim atone for the generation, a kapora for all of us – further stating that what we must take away from this is the reality that we must increase our efforts towards Avodas Hashem and kiyum mitzvos.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. To Everybody:

    The Oilam is taking on to learn Mishnayos for the neshamos of the kedoishim for the shloishim.

    Click on the Coffee Room it’s the first thread.

    C’mon we need your help. nem zach unter.

  2. I am not looking to cause more machlokes with this statement, but I truly wonder if the achdus this kapara caused was made more necessary to happen because of the machlokes and “pirud” that resulted from the mayoral elections in Yerushalayim.
    Either way, may we all be zocheh to hold on to this achdus, have ahavas chinam not looking at other’s faults, and be zocheh to a geula sheleimah b’meheirah without more korbonos (short of the real ones in the beis hamikdash be”H)!!

  3. DVEYKUS13:

    There is machlokes almost everywhere. It’s time this madness stops, and we realize we’re all in the same boat.–CUT IT OUT, ALREADY–ALL OF YOU!!!

  4. The election in jerusalem is not the cause in itself .rather a symptom of everyones desire to further their own self interest.
    We still have to learn that we are perceived by the Rishayim as one.The Satmar Chassid was not spared the rath of those who have an agenda with the State of Israel. All of us who visit foreign countries become one in the Chabad houses world wide with them and other seeking a home away from home.
    It is not the election per se . It is the fact that we need to learn that we can only survive if we realizewe are one instead of always pursuing are own limited agenda.
    They know we are one . Maybe we should get the message.

  5. #7 IsraeliYid,

    I suggest you learn the gemara Kiddushin in the first perek (the actual daf escapes me) where the gemara says that the two memros of 1) s’char mitzvah b’hai alma leka and 2) sh’luchei mitzvah einan nizokin clash under certain circumstances. The gemara clearly states that there are indeed exceptions to the latter.

  6. #5 – I don’t think that an effective way to end machlokes is to tell everyone else that they’re doing something wrong – it sounds more like a cause to me

  7. How ironic what the Rav said and the finding of the bullet hole in Parshas Acharei Mos Shnei Bnei Aharon…..

    How many K’Doshim are among us and we treat them like…….

    Perhaps it was even a Chidush to Moshe Rabeinu that young people can be Ovdei Hashem to such an extent to be called “Krovim” to Hashem (“B’Ekrovai Ekodeish”), which Moshe related to Aharon “now I see that they were bigger then us…..”

    We have to treat every one like K’doshim when they are still alive!

    Everyone has his struggles, we don’t know who is more Choshiv in the eyes of Hashem.

  8. There were all type of yidden killed in Mumbai. We had a “chasidish”, “Lubavitch”, “Israeli”,”Indian”,
    “Modern”, and not even frum. These people were killed for only one reason and that they were yidden. It does not make a difference of theie level of frumkeit. The stories coming out send chills down my spine. This should story should illustarte the achdus we must have in klal yisroel.

    At the end of the day we are all serving the ribono shel oilam and should not fight who is better and whose ways of serving hashem is a better way.

    Lubavitch is amazing how they accept all yidden from around the world and do not ask questions of your observat level. Lubavitch shows major love towards another yid.

    We should never have to hear of such stories ever again and may moshiach come speedily.

  9. ywn moderators, thank you for deleting so many comments on this thread. please do it more often, especially in cases of pure lashon hara/motzei shaim ra

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