TWO VIDEOS: Israeli Forces Hit Hamas Terrorists in Gaza


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idf1.jpgTWO VIDEOS:

#1- The morning after ground forces entered the Gaza Strip, IDF spokesman Capt. Benjamin Rutland provides an operational update on the IDF’s progress in removing Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure and providing a better security situation for southern Israel’s residents. Click HERE to watch.

#2- Interviews with and footage of IDF soldiers from the Armor Corps preparing for ground operations in the Gaza Strip.  On the evening of January 3, 2009, the second part of Operation “Cast Lead” began as part of Israel’s continuing effort to stop Hamas’ rocket launching campaign against the residents of southern Israel. Click HERE to watch.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN Headquaters NYC)


  1. After 60 years or so, the Israeli Government is slowly realizing that it MUST get involved in sophisticated public relations to combat similar methods used by its enemies.

  2. At this chaotic time it is most importatnt to pray incessantly for the safety and success of each and every one of our brothers, the Israeli soldiers, who are in the line of fire risking their lives for the purpose of ensuring the return of normalcy and safety to parts of E”Y.

    However, we must always keep in mind not to get allow ourselves to be influenced by feelings of “kochi v’otzem yadi”. We must be constantly hoping that Hashem Yisborach will help us and bring us deliverance, not the might of tzahal.

    Every yid should keep in mind that while we only wish the best for every single Israeli soldier, we view with mixed feelings their mighty response and their ability to smash the Hamas terrorist infrastucture. How much better it would be if the IDF moves in there and finds them ALL DEAD by a plague that hkb”h brought onto them. This would bring the most desirable result, without the cost to emunah b’hashem brought about by the “kochi v’otzem yadi”.

  3. To the heads of Israel

    Please stop using this silly phrase “the Palestinians are not our enemy”. It simply not true, open your eyes to all the hatred on the other side remember the construction worker how they use your bulldozer to kill you , just look around at their action at one of the many demo going on. The languish they are using….

    And for the silly praxis of sending in food while fighting is going on please stop this. Most likely the food goes mostly to the Hamas elite anyways. Where did we see such praxis during war time can you imagine Churchill sending food in 1944 to Nazi-Germany poor population???? And let the Arabs take care of them don’t they have a crossing to Egypt …where all their weapons are coming in? Let them at least use it for something usefully.

    Please fight them all until they beg for peace and may Hashem guard all the Jewish people on the front line and in the south as well all over.

  4. to #3 dont you know that we cant be somech on a nais??????? its extremly ignorant to say that we should daven for a plague to kill the palestinians. look at the ramban in parshas vayishlach- he talks about ain somchin al hanais

  5. The UK Sunday TIMESONLINE reported “Hamas members were ordered to swap their uniforms for civilian clothes and keep their guns tucked under their jackets.”

    Could this help account for many of the Gaza “civilian” deaths and casualties bemoaned by the UN and others?